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Steps To Take Before Calling Laguna Niguel Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal injuries can be hard to deal with even if they are relatively minor. It can be difficult to think clearly and make good decisions immediately afterwards. Something that should always be done is to call Laguna Niguel personal injury lawyers after the incident. Victims of a personal injury should take several steps before calling a lawyer.

Write Down What Happened

Everything that will happen after a personal injury can start to become overwhelming. It is important to write down all of the details of the incident that lead to the injury as soon as possible. This will make sure there is a clear record of what happened while the memories are still fresh. This can also help by providing Laguna Niguel lawyers with a written statement for reference.

Gather a List of Witnesses

Witnesses can make the difference in many personal injury cases. They can corroborate a story or disprove claims by the liable party. The names, numbers and other details about anyone who witnessed the events should be gathered into a single list. The relationship of each person to the liable party or the victim should be listed as well.

Assemble All Relevant Documents

Anyone who is recovering from a personal injury is likely to have a number of documents relating to the case. These could be incident reports from an employer, medical statements and potentially letters from insurers. All of these documents should be assembled in one place and then copied twice so there are three duplicates of each item. This will provide lawyers in Laguna Niguel with the documents needed to build a case.

Understand the Injury

It is important to understand the injury before calling a lawyer in Laguna Niguel. The way the injury was sustained should be understood in a medical sense. The current treatment and recovery techniques should be understood. Additionally, it is important to understand how long the injury could last and what future treatments might be necessary. This will provide information for lawyers to use when calculating the amount of compensation necessary.

Do Not Talk To the Other Parties

A final thing to do is to never talk to the opposing parties about the case. This should include the parties at fault and their insurance companies if possible. Talking to the other parties could unintentionally reveal information that might be used in a trial or settlement negation later. Communications should go through personal injury attorneys only.

The best step that anyone can take after a personal injury is to call a lawyer. Individuals who call Laguna Niguel personal injury lawyers after the incident will prevent employers, property owners or insurers from deflecting liability. Having immediate representation will increase the chance of winning a suit or settlement against the responsible parties.

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