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Taxicab Accidents Lawyers

31 Jul 2017

Whether you hire a taxicab to take you from the airport or you hire a taxi to take you from the middle of the town to upcountry, there are special liability rules that apply to the driver of the taxi as well as the taxi owner. A taxicab is considered as a common vehicle carrier because it carries people for a fee. A taxi cab, as a common carrier, owes the passengers some level of safety whenever they transport them to their various destinations.

A taxicab driver, as a common carrier, is always liable for all degrees of negligence and carelessness. In addition to safe driving, the owner of the taxi cab is also liable to ensure that the taxicabs are safe to travel as well as mechanically fit for their purpose or intention especially when moving people from one location to another.

One of the most common causes of taxicab accidents is the error done by the drivers themselves. Taxicab drivers earn their money based on the distance they take their passengers. It is not based on the time they spend in the vehicle for them to reach their special destinations. The taxicab driver, as a result, drives recklessly and fast to get to the destination as fast as possible so that they can get to pick new passengers.

The taxicab must also be well maintained to work in the industry. This is important so that it does not expose their passengers to the risk of accidents. The worn out and bad brakes have been known to be one of the most common causes of the taxicab accidents for the past two decades. These brakes fail to stop the taxicab whenever they are needed to stop it. It results in accidents especially the rear-end accidents that are common in the country. This also results in injuries to the passengers aboard the taxicab.

The taxicab driver fatigue, ineffectiveness, recklessness, carelessness, and failure to drive correctly, improper or risky lane switching techniques, alcohol or drug intoxication, failure to have the taxi maintained correctly are some of the most common causes of the taxicab accidents in the United States.

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