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Temecula Bus Accident Lawyers

Temecula is one of many cities in California with a strong public transportation system. Many people living in the city and in the surrounding areas use these buses every day. They take the bus to work, school and even to run errands around town. Everyone likes to think that the drivers are responsible and reliable, but accidents involving those buses can occur at any time.

California has a law in place that relates to those transporting others on a regular basis. Known as the common carrier law, it ensures that drivers practice due diligence and behave in a responsible way. Temecula bus accident lawyers will spring into action to help those injured by drivers breaking this law.

Was the Driver Responsible?

Before filing a lawsuit, the lawyer will look at the driver of the bus. Whether it’s an accident involving the driver of a school bus, a private charter bus or a public city bus, the lawyer must determine if the driver is responsible for the accident. This often involves looking at the driver’s record and whether the driver caused similar accidents in the past. The lawyer might even discover that the driver used drugs or alcohol prior to slipping behind the wheel.

Is the Bus Company at Fault?

Temecula bus accident lawyers will also look at how much of the responsibility of the accident exists on the shoulders of the owner of the bus. To keep passengers safe, bus companies must perform routine maintenance on the buses and do regular checkups to keep the buses running. Using cheaper or used replacement parts, skipping the routine maintenance or ignoring complaints registered against a specific driver can lead to the lawyer determining the company was responsible for the accident.

How Lawyers Can Help

Bus companies often have a stable of highly paid lawyers, and those lawyers will typically offer a small settlement in the hopes of preventing the case from going to court. Temecula bus accident lawyers understand that haggling is an important step in the settlement process. The bus company will assign a value to each passenger and give each person a figure, but a specialized lawyer knows how to negotiate for a higher settlement. These specialized attorneys will determine how much a client really deserves and work with the bus company to get their clients that cash.

The statue of limitations in California is six months, which means that you have a limited window to file a lawsuit after a bus accident. Before too much time passes, get in touch with a Temecula bus accident lawyer. Whether you suffered an injury, or you want to help a loved one, you need someone you can trust fighting for your rights.

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