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Premises Liability/Trip and Fall
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Temecula Personal Injury Lawyers

If you’ve been personally injured, the decisions you make following your accident could have a direct affect on the rest of your life. Many mistakes can be made following an injury incurred at a store, business, or privately owned property. The biggest decision to make is whether or not to seek assistance from a litigator or a lawyer. If you feel that there was negligence on behalf of the store or business owner or employees and that that negligence led directly to your injury, you should absolutely seek legal counsel.

Filter the search…

Searching for a trustworthy and reliable law firm to represent your case can be overwhelming. In the early stages of selection you should narrow your search a bit by excluding attorneys who do not practice specifically in the area of personal injury. Another recommendation is to seek out attorneys who are old enough to have a substantial amount of experience. It does little good to hire an attorney who specializes in anything other than personal injury.

If at all possible, seek the help of an attorney that is based in Temecula. While it is not necessarily a bad thing to seek legal counsel from a law firm out of state – and sometimes it may be the better decision – a local attorney who is reputable in Temecula will be more responsive to you personally. Local attorneys will feel a more personal obligation to a local client. Again, this is not always the case and in some situations an out of state or out of city attorney may be the best option.
Test the waters…

Don’t automatically go for the first attorney you meet. It’s important to schedule as many meetings as you feel are necessary in order to make a responsible decision. A reputable and reliable law firm will offer free consultation. You should take advantage of this and meet with multiple attorneys. After you’ve assessed a number of attorneys, you’ll have a better understanding of what aspects to focus on. Every case is unique and a personal injury case could change your life. When dealing with a decision as pivotal as this, it’s important to make the right choice of an attorney.

Some questions that should be asked include:

• Do you even have a case?
• What’s the average length of a case such as yours?
• How much money can you expect if the case if a success?
• How are fees administered with this particular law firm?
• Will you be responsible for court costs?

If the attorney gives you answers that seem vague or passive, move on. It doesn’t always matter how large a law firm is. Some rather large and well known law firms take advantage of their reputation and charge higher than average fees. Make sure that your chosen law firm will give you the best chance of a successful outcome.

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