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Premises Liability/Trip and Fall
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Temecula Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers

Have you suffered a slip or fill in Temecula, California? The bad news is that no magic wand will be able to make your pain and suffering go away. The good news is that with the right lawyers, you can successfully file a lawsuit and receive the compensation you deserve. Here’s a quick guide to understanding personal injury law in the Sunshine State.

<b>Why Did You Fall?</b>

What were the circumstances surrounding your accident? There are different classifications of lawsuit depending on when, where and how your fall took place, and that classification can effect things like the statue of limitations on your claim. For example:

– If you tripped over a tree limb your neighbor cut down in your yard, that’s a claim involving <i>individual property</i>, and you have two years to act on it.
– If you slipped on a mopped floor in your school, your claim involves <i>government property</i>, and that has a much tighter time limit of six months.

If you’re injured in a fall but don’t realize it until after the time limit has passed, like if a bone cracked but you didn’t know it until your yearly check-up, you might still be able to file if you get a written diagnosis from your doctor.

<b>How Were You Injured?</b>

– What’s the nature of your injuries?
– Are they chronic or long-lasting?
– Will they keep you out of work for a substantial period of time?
– Are you on any medications?

These are just a few questions you can expect to be asked after filing a personal injury claim. Again, a doctor’s documentation is crucial, because you’ll need more than a pointed finger and a back brace for the court to take your side. If you can get your physician to chronicle all the gritty details of your condition, that written record will legitimize your claim and increase your chances of securing a settlement.

<b>What Do You Want?</b>

Money, of course, is a balm for all wounds. But how much should you seek? How much can you actually expect to take home?

In the state of California, anything less than $5000 is handled by a Small Claims Court. $5000-$1000 is sent to the District Court, and $10000 and above goes straight to the Superior Court.

Small claims tend to be processed faster, but they also run the risk of being overturned or not taken seriously by big corporations. Superior Court cases are where multimillion dollar settlements are reached, but it takes a lot of luck and a strong claim to make that kind of magic happen.

At the end of day, your choices all depend on the nature of your injury and your willpower for a lengthy lawsuit. For more information on your options, contact a Temecula slip and fall accident lawyer.

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