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The importance of Obtaining Legal Representation after a Mass Transit Related Accident

For many San Bernardino residents, reliable mass transit is a vital part of being able to get to school or work. In fact, California’s common carrier law mandates that mass transit agencies will work to ensure that their patrons do not face avoidable injury due the actions of the mass transit agency or its employees. For this reason, any individual who has suffered an injury should immediately contact a San Bernardino Bus Accident Lawyer in order to fully explore his or her legal options.

<strong>Investigating the Vehicle’s Maintenance Record</strong>

A mass transit agency is legally obligated to ensure that its vehicles are properly maintained. However, many accidents occur due to negligent maintenance practices, including poorly maintained brakes, turn signals or other issues. Even if the driver is not at fault, the transit agency will still be liable for any mechanical issues that caused the accident or contributed to its severity. Skilled personal injury attorneys know how to effectively examine a vehicle’s maintenance record in order to determine if it suffered from chronic or unaddressed mechanical issues prior to the accident.

<strong>Verifying the Driver’s Record</strong>

In many cases, a bus accident is due to negligence on the part of the driver. A transit agency has a legal responsibility to ensure that all drivers operate their vehicles in a safe manner. For this reason, an important part of any legal case is investigating the driver’s record. If the driver had a history of negligent behavior, drug abuse or other factors that contributed to the crash, it was the transit agency’s responsibility to remove the driver from his or her position. If the transit agency failed to take action, it would be liable for any accident caused by the driver’s actions.

<strong>Providing Effective Legal Representation</strong>

While the victims of a mass transit accident have a right to obtain a just compensation for their losses, doing so can be a daunting task for someone who is not fully conversant with the law. San Bernardino Bus Accident Lawyers understand how to best proceed in these cases and can ensure that the victim does not inadvertently accept an inadequate settlement.

For example, many types of injuries may require long-term care and support, especially if they prevent the victim from returning to work. In this case, a settlement would have to include provisions for the victim’s long-term financial and medical support. San Bernardino Bus Accident Lawyers understand how to effectively present their client’s case to the court in a way that will obtain the long-term support their client requires.

Finally, the California statute of limitations requires that the victim of a bus accident file their personal injury lawsuit within six months of the accident. For that reason, it is vital that the victim contact a skilled personal injury attorney in order to ensure that he or she will receive the immediate and personalized legal assistance needed to secure a just and adequate compensation. By doing so, he or she can be assured of obtaining the compensation needed to recover from the consequences of a mass transit related accident.

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