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The Insurance Company Is Arguing About My Injuries. What Do I Do?

23 Mar 2018

It’s a sad fact in today’s world that financial matters often trump human compassion. This is never quite as apparent than when a car insurance company tries to argue that the victim of a car accident was to blame for their own death, thus shirking their own responsibility to pay compensation to devastated family members. And while the world will almost always work this way, that’s what a good car accident attorney is for. When insurance companies attempt to argue that injuries are less severe than they really are, or worse yet that the victim is to blame for their own injuries, it’s time to hire a lawyer.

Points of Argument by Insurance Companies

Insurance loves to reduce the amount it pays out in the event of car accidents. It’s how they manage to stay in business. Whenever possible, they’ll reduce everything down as much as they can, and even in cases of severe injuries they might argue some point of law that helps them avoid responsibility to pay. If you insurance company is making any of these arguments, there’s but one thing to do! Call on an experienced attorney who knows how to hold insurance companies accountable for injuries. Here are a few examples of what an insurance company might argue in relation to your injuries.

Post/Pre-accident injuries: Here’s a common argument by insurance companies. They’ll claim that your injuries didn’t occur during the accident in question but in a previous accident or because of a pre-existing medical condition. They might even claim that you were injured after the accident you filed a claim on. It’s a frustrating argument for them to make, and a good attorney can quickly argue YOUR side of the story and move forward with winning you the compensation you deserve.

Fault Arguments: There are times when the insurance company may argue that the accident was your fault. Even if witnesses or police reports say the contrary, they can STILL make this argument and do their own investigation. That’s why you need a great lawyer on your side as well to show the court that the insurance company is avoiding responsibility by making frivolous and untrue arguments like this.

Risk Assumptions: Here’s a favorite argument in the event of motorcycle accidents. Insurance companies will often claim that the person in the accident knew that there was risked involved in their activity, and therefore they claim the victim is to blame for their own injuries. This is a frustrating argument to hear when you’re suffering or when you represent a loved one who was killed in one of these accidents.

Hiring a lawyer

The answer to the above question is simple: Hire a lawyer. And don’t just hire ANY lawyer. Hire a lawyer who has been arguing with insurance companies for a long time and who has a great track record of winning compensation for victims. That includes lawyers who have won millions of dollars for clients over the years, the ones that know the law very well and use it to help the victim of these unfortunate cases. Insurance companies can argue all they want. It’s their right to do so. The trick is to hire a lawyer who’s going to make sure that at the end of the day, the judge in the case knows that it’s YOUR side of the story that’s true. Good investigative work, a strong knowledge of the law, and a love of helping victims receive the justice and peace they deserve are all at the heart of good legal work.

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