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Three Tips for Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

31 Jul 2017

You may be faced with so many choices within a short period to choose your injury attorney. After succumbing to injuries during the accident, you are forced by your circumstance to hire a qualified personal attorney to help you get the best compensation measure as fast as possible. After many lawyers have represented numerous clients get compensation after getting involved in crashes, there are certain measures the client has to consider before selecting a personal injury lawyer of their choice in the event of an accident. For you to secure the best attorney to represent you in your injury claims, you must work hard to go through a wide range of attorneys who are willing to represent you.

Yu may be faced by numerous adverts on television, billboards, and radio, for some time. Your family and friends have also referred you to their lawyers in some occasions. Now the last thing you need to do is to make the wrong decision in selecting the lawyer of your choice. Below are the most common tips that you must consider before you select a personal injury to represent your claims and maximize your compensation benefits.

1. Large Personal Injury Law Firms versus the Small Law Firms – Choose the right one for you
For most people, they get attorneys who take up their injury cases even if they are not experienced in handling such cases in the first place. Unfortunately, they often fail to inform you that they do not have enough legal experience dealing with such cases every year. For this reason, you must be willing to consider this as it is an important factor. When we are talking about the small law firms, we are talking about the law firms that have been in operation for about three years or less. On the other hand, the larger law companies can be considered as those that employ over 10 lawyers.

A solo law company is one that consists of a small firm and one lawyer who have a general legal practice that ranges from the family law to the personal injury law. However, they prefer dealing with certain types of cases. The only advantage that comes with dealing with such legal practitioners is that they are less expensive. If the lawyer has a limited experience handling such cases, ensure you work hard to get a price reduction.

A larger law company will have many attorneys who are willing to work and collaborate as a team for your case. They also have experience in all paralegal issues concerning personal injury. The paralegals and lawyers understand how to deal with your unique situation.

2. Litigation companies versus non-litigation companies
Many law firms dealing with personal injury cases, especially the smaller firms, tend to avoid prosecution for most of their cases. This is always related to the lack of enough workforce, experience, and finances. For most lawyers, they don’t try cases because they are either inexperienced or scared. This holds some truth. While most of the personal injury litigations can be resolved without litigation, be sure to take the services of a company that has experience in a court of law. If you are a small firm, it’s hard to gain such reputation.

3. Location of Lawyer
Although the personal injury lawyers operate offices in New York, they can represent clients in all states in the country for personal injuries caused as a result of accidents. How is this possible? It can happen in three main ways. In the first place, we can be hired by clients living in Arizona who get involved in accidents in another state like New York. Secondly, we represent clients who lived in other states but got their accidents in New York. We can also represent clients who live out of New York and get accidents out of the state.

Our personal injury lawyers have offices in the larger New York area. Call us to schedule a free consultation session with our experienced team of attorneys.

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