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Torrance Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers

A simple slip and fall can lead to serious injuries and pain and suffering that lasts for years. Hundred of Torrance residents find themselves dealing with issues relating to injuries suffered in accidents every year. California state law holds the person or business responsible for the accident at fault.

When a business doesn’t take care of its property, the court can hold that company responsible for injuries that a Torrance resident suffers. Local residents can slip on a wet floor, slide across a broken object on the ground or fall down outside. These injuries can lead to back problems, broken bones and dozens of other problems. Individuals who want to hold a business responsible for their injuries should work with Torrance slip and fall accident lawyers.

Investigating the Incident

Torrance slip and fall accident lawyers begin the process of representing a client with an investigation into the incident. This often involves looking at the history of the company in question and determining if that company has a history of ignoring routine maintenance. Torrance lawyers will also look at the number of similar accidents that occurred in the past to determine if the company exhibits a pattern of ignoring the needs of its customers.

Checking Maintenance Issues

The number one reason why most Torrance residents find themselves injured is because of a lack of maintenance on the property. This can include wet floors that workers don’t clean and leaks in the roof. Companies must take the time to do routine repairs and take care of problems that interfere with the general welfare and health of its customers. Failing to deal with those problems can lead to injuries and other damages.

Representing Injured Parties

Immediately after an accident occurs, a representative from the company should request that the injured party visit a hospital. If the injury seems serious, the representative should call 911 and request an ambulance sent to the scene. Most companies have an insurance company that will take care of the hospital bills of the injured person. Some insurance companies will attempt to settle out of court, especially if the case involves emotional pain and suffering. Torrance slip and fall lawyers can work with their clients to ensure that they receive the best settlement. The lawyers will look at the settlement offer, decide if it is enough for the client and help the client decide what to do next.

California has a statue of limitations in place that requires all injured parties file a lawsuit within six months after the date of an accident. If you suffered a preventable injury because you slipped and fell, contact a Torrance slip and fall lawyer for more guidance and to learn what steps to take.

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