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Premises Liability/Trip and Fall
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Vista Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers

For everyday consumers, walking around local commercial enterprises is a necessity. Whether it’s a gas station or the grocery store consumers have to rely on that business to ensure that their floors are clean to avoid dangerous slip and fall injuries.

However, what happens when that business does not follow proper California cleaning rules and a customer has a slip and fall accident? Most of the time customers are able to get back up and move forward uninjured. Sometimes, though, the situation is not so simple. Sometimes customers suffer injuries such as concussions, broken bones, and even head injuries.

For individuals involved in a slip in fall, they may want to immediately file an accident report with the business to ensure that their fall is on record. They then may want to call a Vista slip and fall attorney to help them if they are injured and determine whether or not the injury falls under premises liability.

1. Understanding Premises Liability
Premises liability occurs when an individual is injured on a business’s property due to dangerous conditions that the business did not clean up or properly warn customers about. While it is true that not all property owners and store managers are always at fault, there are certain cases where they may be held liable. That is why it is important for slip and fall victims to file and accident report and then seek legal representation if injured. The accident report will help the attorney decide if the incident falls under premises liability.

2. Negligence
Another common cause of slip and fall accidents is negligence. Negligence occurs when there are certain conditions, such as greasy slippery floors, that the business either was aware of, or should have been aware of, but that were not addressed to help keep customers safe.

3. Gathering Evidence of Negligence
It is important that slip and fall victims who believe that they are the victims of premises liability or negligence gather evidence to help substantiate their claims. Individuals may want to provide the attorney with photographs of the scene, doctor’s reports, accident reports from the store, as well as any police reports that may have been filed. By being thorough in recording the accidents and injuries, victims can help the attorney add substantiation needed for compensation.

Understanding the legalities behind slip and fall accidents can be very difficult for the average individual. California provides requirements to prove premises liability and negligence. You may find that hiring a Vista slip and fall attorney could be very helpful in navigating claims for injury, loss of income, and even pain and suffering. Filing a slip and fall case based on a solidly structured case is important and should be done by an attorney who is familiar with the requirements set forth in California law.

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