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Premises Liability/Trip and Fall
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Tustin Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

When pedestrian accidents occur, they are often devastating for all parties involved. They can cause a significant amount of damage to people, which may take a variety of different forms. People everywhere need to think about how they can get support from a knowledgeable and experienced legal defense team. According to statistics from the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), 19% of all traffic related fatalities in the state occurred due to pedestrian accidents. This represents a substantial risk that every resident of Tustin should be aware of throughout the day. Even if they haven’t been affected by an accident yet, they should be prepared to deal with this possibility. They can start by identifying the right legal defense team that may be operating in their area.

<h3>Establishing Liability In The Courtroom</h3>

Though a person may be affected, they won’t be able to receive compensation unless they can prove liability. Liability will roughly describe who was at fault for a particular kind of accident. Many people will want to think about how they can secure support from a wide variety of different cases. An experienced legal team will be able to conclusively prove that a particular person was at fault. Others may want to secure support from a legal defense team soon. This will help them identify some of the different types of challenges that they might be facing down the line.

<h3>Identifying The Cause Of The Accident</h3>

There are many different types of causes that may suddenly affect people who have been involved in some of these accidents. They will undoubtedly want to work with a legal defense team that can identify some of the different underlying causes. It may be revealed that the driver was distracted by text messaging or other types of issues. This could be an influential factor in the case that everyone needs to consider going forward. There are a few different types of elements like this that need to be brought up during the course of the trial. A legal team will be able to choose the right moment when people can secure this kind of support going forward.

<h3>Obtaining Official Documentation</h3>

Many clients will want to have their case supported by different types of legal records throughout the course of the court proceedings. For instance, both police officials and medical professionals will tend to produce different types of documentation. All of these documents are relevant to the way that people tend to approach these cases. A legal professional will be able to quickly read through these documents to get an idea of the basic facts. This will give them the opportunity that they need to change up their legal strategy going forward.

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