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Premises Liability/Trip and Fall
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Tustin Personal Injury Lawyers

Ranked by Forbes as one of the top communities in California, many people flock to Tustin for the sunny skies, temperate weather and well-kept lawns that make it the picture of modern suburbia. But what if your dreams of neighborhood barbeques have been shattered by personal injury?

The good news is that you don’t have to say goodbye to your future just because of an accident. With the right Tustin personal injury lawyer, you can file a claim for damages that will take care of everything from medical bills to lost wages.

<b>Understanding Your Lawsuit</b>

How were you injured? It isn’t enough to simply find a personal injury lawyer; you should also look into someone who understands the intricacies and difficulties of your particular accident. For example, here are a few common scenarios:

– Car accidents
– Pedestrian accidents
– Slips and falls
– Dog bites
– Defective products
– Hazardous working conditions

Every lawyer has specific “areas of practice” where they specialize in certain kinds of cases. Find one with experience that matches your accident type, and you’re in business.

<b>Knowing Your Rights</b>

You have the right to live peacefully in California without suffering physical, emotional or psychological trauma. If any of these rights have been trampled by the negligence of another, it’s time to sue.

There are three accepted ways of assigning blame in personal injury litigation:

– Did someone directly cause your accident? Did they mop the floors in your workplace or ignore a red light and crash into your bike?

– Were they responsible for the conditions that led to your injury? Did they own a dog with proven behavioral problems? Were they in charge of equipment maintenance before you fell from the scaffolding?

– Are they liable for the incompetence or negligence of someone else? For example, are they the parent company of a store that released a bad product?

Knowing who to blame in your personal injury case can affect everything from its classification to its statue of limitations. Sit down with your lawyer and figure out where to point the finger before you file.

<b>Considering All The Angles</b>

When you’re asking for money, it’s inevitable that judges and attorneys will start examining your life and overturning rocks. The key is to know in advance what questions they’re going to ask.

– How were you injured?
– Did a doctor diagnose your condition?
– Did you have any health problems before this?
– Could you have prevented the accident?
– Why do you feel you’re entitled to compensation?

Preparing the right answers can make all the difference in the success of your claim. For more information, including what documentation to gather, contact a Tustin personal injury lawyer today.

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