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Uninsured Motorist Claims Lawyers

1 Aug 2017

You will never understand the insurance business and its alluring promises until you’ve encountered an accident and are in need of help. If you do not know how to make a claim which you of course don’t know because you are not trained to do so, your insurer can act like they never promised you any bliss when you first signed up with them; and yes they can as well choose to cheat you. One tricky situation is if you get knocked by an uninsured motorist. Uninsured motorist usually don’t have insurance because they cannot afford it. Even if you go after them and take them to court, they have a right to file for bankruptcy protection and get away with it.

But what will save you in such situations is having the right accident lawyer by your side. One of the things a nyc personal injury lawyer will do for you is that they will determine whether your insurance company has breached its contract and will use that that to make a claim against your insurer.
An insurance company benefits from profits of investments made from the money you give them. Even though you pay your insurance in time and have a contract to be settled in case of damage, your insurer will try to find ways not to release your settlement. That’s why you need a nyc personal injury lawyer if you will get the full insurance settlement that you deserve. Here is what an Insurance company can do to you if you don’t get the help of a lawyer.

They will use the information against you
After an accident, you will make about 3 major statements. But only two of them are documented. At the scene of the accident, the Police will take your account of the tragedy. Then there is the statement you make to your doctor and finally your statement to your family. If all these statements do not say the same thing, it might be the point of start for your insurer to dodge your claims. You should consult with a lawyer before you say anything to your insurance company. Sometimes accident internal injuries may not be felt at the scene. But after a day or two, new symptoms may arise. If you already made a statement with your insurance company before you discovered new injuries, chances are that they will refuse to accept the information because of un-matching statements.

They will pay you little
Since you most likely do not know the personal injury law, you will not be in position to give a statement that gets you a worthy settlement. For instance if you mention on your claims form that you had a leg injury before the accident, your insurer might use that as an excuse not to pay the full medical bills for your leg damage.

They will twist your medical report to look inaccurate

Your medical report needs to be accurate and done by a qualified medical
practitioner that pinpoints the illness from which you have developed from the accident. If you don’t do this, your insurance company is most likely try to prove
that your injury didn’t occur at the accident but that you had it before.

They will cheat you
Insurers do not end at wanting to pay you little, they can also cheat you. No matter how much heaven an insurance company promises you in the start, you must remember that your insurer is a business and is out to protect its interests. If you can’t afford a lawyer, at least find one to consult.
However, besides the help of a nyc personal lawyer, there are some things you can do to increase your evidence.
If you aren’t badly injured and are in position to take photographs, make sure you take a few snaps of the accident scene. You might also want to take the number plate or the contact details of the other driver(s). Such information will help you, your lawyer and your insurer in settling your claims faster.

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