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Upland Bus Accident Lawyers

When you rely on buses to get you around town, you place your life in the hands of the bus driver and the company he works for. You expect a certain level of safety and care when you step on that bus. In fact, the state’s common carrier law says that transportation operators must apply “care and diligence” when transporting passengers. Passengers could be in jeopardy when that rule is not followed.
<strong>Crash Factors</strong>

There are many factors contributing to bus crashes, such as operator error, driver impairment, bus malfunction, improper maintenance and upkeep, slippery road conditions, and carelessness of other drivers on the same roadway. Many people who have been injured in a bus accident feel overwhelmed, not just with the injury but with how to proceed in a legal case. This is where Upland Bus Accident Lawyers can help. They are skilled in handling cases just like these and know how to get you the compensation you need to cover medical expenses and the like.

<strong>Filing a Claim</strong>

Rather than wade through all the red tape that’s involved in a bus accident, Upland Bus Accident Lawyers can take over and handle all the bureaucracy involved instead. Laws in California permit people to file personal injury lawsuits up to six months of the injury. Your qualified attorney will need to file your claim as soon as possible so you can start receiving monetary compensation for your medical bills, punitive damages, lost wages due to the injury, pain and suffering, and more. Many times, people have ongoing bills as a result of the injury that they simply cannot afford on their own. Physical therapy, for example, may be required and this can take months if not years of expensive bills to correct. In these cases, they may need a cushion to get through the difficult times ahead. The time spent off from work and the lost wages as a result can climb ever higher with each day out of work. It becomes necessary to secure the best compensation for the injury as possible.

Upland bus accident lawyers can full research your case, speak to witnesses, research driving and maintenance records and more to find out the cause of the bus accident. This could be due to operator error, poor driving skills or negligence, as in the case of texting while driving. Failure of the bus driver to use “care and diligence” while transporting passengers could result in a suit against him. Sometimes, the bus company can be found at fault for allowing a driver with a known history of bad driving or accidents to continue to drive a bus. Improper or lacking bus maintenance can be another factor in a crash. Skilled attorneys can research whether the company has properly maintained its fleet of buses and how often the buses were serviced and inspected. If a company did not fulfill necessary repairs or maintenance, this negligence could be to blame.

Upland Bus Accident Lawyers can delve into your case to determine how much compensation you are entitled to, taking the stress and pressure off the injured party.

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