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Premises Liability/Trip and Fall
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Upland Personal Injury Lawyers

Upland residents who’ve sustained a personal injury can get help. Professional legal assistance can make all of the difference. Qualified Upland Personal Injury Lawyers will be able to provide the necessary legal advice. When an Upland resident is involved in an accident, it’s important that they know how fault is determined.

Fortunately, this is something that a lawyer can readily explain. Depending on the type of personal injury, different rules will apply, which are used to determine if the opposing party was at fault. There are many liability rules that can be explained by a lawyer.

Determining Fault

Upland is an area that has many stores. When a resident is involved in an accident in the store, there is the possibility that compensation can be obtained. The specific facts help determine who was at fault. All store owners are required to maintain a safe shopping environment.

If a store owner doesn’t follow these rules, he or she could be held liable for a customer’s injuries. The aisles in a store must be safe and clear. If a case goes to court, a jury or judge will determine who was liable for the accident. The client’s condition will also be examined.

Defective Products

Some Upland residents have been injured by a dangerous or defective product. Out of all of the different scenarios, it’s usually easiest to obtain compensation for injuries that were caused by consumer products.

Product liability is a set of legal rules, and it’s different than the typical personal injury rules, which makes it easier to get compensation for product-related injuries. What is called strict liability makes it possible for a consumer to get compensation for his or her injuries while never actually proving that the manufacturer was at fault.

Injuries from Slipping and Falling

A lot of Upland residents slip and fall, and as a result, they sustain injuries. It doesn’t really matter where this type of incident occurs. For this type of incident, there is no designated method for determining who was at fault. Oftentimes, it comes down to whether or not the property owner fulfilled their obligations to prevent people from slipping and falling on the property.

Vehicle Accidents

Out of the wide range of personal injury cases, vehicle accidents are the most common. In most cases, the general principles concerning negligence apply. The person who was injured in the accident is required to prove that the other party is at fault.

These are some of the different methods that are used to determine who was at fault in a personal injury case, but since every case is different, the method for determining who was at fault can be different. Some cases involve multiple fault theories. At the end of the day, Upland Personal Injury Lawyers can provide the best advice.

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