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Why do I have to use my own PIP insurance?

If you have been involved in a car accident in the recent past, you may be wondering how your expenses will be covered by insurance as well as the damages caused to your car. Even if you were involved in the fraud or not, you will always find out that your injury protection insurance will move to cover some of the expenses depending on your state of residence.

But why should your insurance be used if you are not liable for the accident in any way? What is personal injury protection in precise and why is it used in some cases?

The No-Fault States and Personal Injury Protection
Personal injury protection insurance works in states that don’t have the no-fault insurance. This means that one of the parties involved in the accident will be held responsible for the accidents occurring with other individuals. With the no-fault states, each of the individuals will be asked to use their insurance policies to cover for their lost wages and expenses.

Your injury protection insurance doesn’t have to cover your medical expense or the lost wages if you get injured during the accident. They will only need to cover a total of the expenses instead. For this reason, you must have decided on what premiums to purchase when you first entered into the policies.

Some of the no-fault states include Florida, the District of Columbia, New York, New Jersey, Minnesota, Michigan, Massachusetts, Kentucky, Utah, Pennsylvania, and North Dakota.

What Does Personal Injury Protection Include?
The personal injury protection insurance is always used to cover lost wages as well as medical expenses that emanate from the injury due to the occurrence of the accident. The money coming from this insurance policy is used to cover your expenses if you are the driver. If there are medical bills to pay, the passengers in your vehicle are also covered. If you are a passenger in the vehicle that was involved in the accident, your injury protection insurance will also cover the medical bills.

These insurance policies also come to assist you with other expenses that result from the injury sustained from the accident. If you and your vehicle passengers cannot work efficiently due to the effect of the accident injury, the insurance policy will also work to compensate you for the wages lost.

One of the best forms of injury protection where the personal injury protection insurance works are the additional treatment as well as the required rehabilitation to return to normal functionality. If this injury causes you or your passengers in the vehicle unable to take care of their children while still under medication, the child care will also be paid by the personal injury protection insurance policy until everything resumes well.

If the accident were also serious, the burial and funeral costs would also be facilitated by the personal injury protection insurance policy. It is imperative to know that the personal injury protection insurance is not similar to the medical coverage on your insurance policies. While the medical coverage will pay the medical bills, your expenses will not be extended in some areas where the personal injury insurance would do. These areas include lost wages, funeral expenses, and rehabilitation.

Do I Need Personal Injury Protection?
If you stay in the no-fault states above, you must have the personal injury protection insurance located in one of your insurance policies when you register in the state. All the insurance policies in the states, as a mandatory addition, this is not something you can eliminate if you want more money on your premiums each month.

You can add the personal injury protection insurance on your insurance plan if you live in the no-fault states. Instead, your insurance company won’t give you more funds to medication or any other areas stemming from the injury. You will find compensation through the litigation or elsewhere. Contact the personal injury lawyers for more information.

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