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Ventura Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers

Nearly all Ventura residents depend on clear sidewalks and stairs each day to get them into and out of work, school, medical appointments, shopping and other activities. California law mandates that residential and commercial property owners maintain a safe and clear path for the public use where the public is entitled to be.

When this California law is broken, property owners place their guests in jeopardy. A slip and fall accident can result in pedestrians being injured, unable to ambulate and unable to maintain their quality of life. In these instances, pedestrians want to hold the owner of the property responsible and look to Ventura Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers for professional assistance.

Investigating a property owner’s record
Ventura Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers investigate different types of slip and fall injuries involving public sidewalks, stairs, entryways and hallways. One aspect of the investigation is determining the the condition of the floor or sidewalk at the time of the slip and fall. The property owner’s maintenance history is reviewed to see whether there have been any other slip and fall accidents on the property. Lawyers can find the property owner was negligent if they allow the floor, stairs or other public area to remain in disrepair.

Investigating property maintenance
Another factor involved in investigating a slip and fall accident is whether the property owner kept the path even, dry and free of debris. Floors and stairs need continual upkeep since they are subject to constant foot traffic. Failing to inspect the floor and stairs and make necessary repairs places pedestrians at serious risk since a lack of maintenance affects how the walking surfaces function.

Representing injured pedestrians
Pedestrians proceeding without legal representation to seek compensation for their injuries may run into bureaucracy from a property management company, homeowner or an insurance company. Insurance companies may offer a settlement to injured pedestrians, but Ventura Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers will know whether the offer is reasonable. A pedestrian with a serious injury may require extensive medical care or physical rehabilitation, which means that there will be ongoing medical costs related to the accident. A one-time settlement may not cover the pedestrian’s out of pocket medical expenses. Ventura Slip and Fall Accident lawyers will fight for the rights of injured pedestrians to receive the compensation they are entitled to under California law.

California law allows slip and fall accident victims to file personal injury lawsuits within six months of the date of an injury. If you or someone you know have been injured in a slip and fall accident, then contact Ventura Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers early on to help you get you the medical treatment and compensation that you need.

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