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Visalia Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

Overview of Pedestrian-Accidents

Pedestrians are generally thought of as walkers, but they can also be runners or joggers on various land surfaces, including sidewalks, curbs, medians and other walkways. In Visalia and throughout the state and the country, they sometimes navigate over rough terrain, such as dirt, asphalt, pavement and concrete. They might walk in all types of weather when visibility is poor and conditions are harsh, which means they could be the victim of an injury or fatality if they are struck by an out-of-control vehicle or someone who is driving while impaired. This could result in a life-changing injury that means the person will need permanent medical treatment. Pedestrians face the highest risk of injuries of any group who is involved in an accident.

Statistics on Pedestrian-Accidents

The California Highway Patrol provided data on 2009 pedestrian injuries in the state. More than 13,000 pedestrians and 12,000 bike riders were hurt in accidents during that year. In Tulare County during the same time period, nearly 120 pedestrians were hurt while a dozen more were killed.1

Visalia and Tulare County Takes Steps to Address the Problem

The Resource Management Agency for Tulare County is working with other agencies to communicate the importance of road safety and sharing the road. The agency, which includes the city of Visalia, recognizes the importance of basic road courtesy and following the laws. They have various goals, including public education for road safety, putting up more signs on the roads and improved efforts from law enforcement agencies. However, Visalia Pedestrian Accident Lawyers understand that accidents can still happen despite the best efforts of law enforcement agencies. They want to remind those who have been the victims of an accident that they can seek legal representation.2

Representing Injured Pedestrians

Pedestrians who have been the victims of an injury-accident sometimes try to fight the insurance company on their own. However, they can run into a number of complications, such as red tape, waiting for returned calls and extensive delays as they try to resolve their case. In other situations, the insurance company could offer them a payment, but it might be very low. The pedestrian does not have a frame of reference to determine if the amount is fair. Visalia Pedestrian Accident Lawyers might be able to help them determine an appropriate amount of compensation to seek, especially if they need ongoing medical services. California law states that pedestrians who have been injured in an accident have six months to file a claim. Victims should contact Visalia Pedestrian Accident Lawyers without delay so that they can begin working on their case in order to resolve it as soon as possible.

Visalia pedestrian accident lawyers know that accidents can happen in a number of different situations. While some people may slip and fall while they are on the sidewalk, it is also possible that they could be struck by a bicyclist or a car. In all of these cases, there must be an allowance for these injured parties to be paid compensation for their injuries. Medical bills pile up and people are left out of work when they are hurt while they are walking.

However, pedestrian accident lawyers understand how these accidents happen, what must be done to help the injured and how to present the case in court to get proper compensation for their clients.

In each case of a pedestrian accident, the lawyer is able to investigate the accident and determine who was at fault and why. There are many reasons why pedestrians get hurt, but figuring out who is to blame is the most important part of this process.

In the case of pedestrians being hit by cars or bicycles, the lawyer must look at the whole of the accident and be able to prove that the driver or rider was at fault. This is simple to do with a little bit of investigation and with the help of eyewitnesses.

Also, there are times when there is negligence involved with the state of the roads or the maintenance and management of traffic lights. When traffic lights and pedestrian signs are not synchronized, pedestrians can be hurt and municipal authorities are at fault.

Once the case is filed on behalf of the injured party, the lawyer is charged with making sure that all of their evidence is presented to make sure that the injured party can get the compensation that they need. People can be left out of work, unable to work and disabled by these accidents, and that means that the monetary damages that are awarded must be substantial enough to allow for the pedestrian to move on with their life and pay their medical bills.

Every pedestrian accident lawyer works very hard to make certain that their case gives the outcome the injured party is looking for. Without these damages awarded for pain suffering, people cannot move on with their lives or ever get past this accident that may have changed their life forever. People just want to get back to normal, and accident lawyers can help them to do so.

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