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Severe injuries, malpractice claims and exposure to toxins are all serious situations that generally require the services of a personal injury lawyer. Some situational reasons to enlist a personal injury lawyer on your behalf could be complex rules relating to your case, severity of injury warranting a large amount of compensation or an insurance company not acting in your best interests. Here are some specific situations that almost always require the presence of a personal injury lawyer.

Disabling Injuries

Disabling injuries include injuries that severely to permanently alter your physical capabilities or appearance. As these injuries are obviously life-changing, you will want to hire a personal injury lawyer to make sure that you get the most from your claim.

Severe Injuries

Accidental injury claims are typically based on medical bills. Severe injuries usually come with higher medical bills and more recovery time. Compensation can vary widely, however, depending on insurance companies. It can be useful to have a personal injury lawyer to help get you the higher end of compensation in these cases.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice cases are notoriously difficult and come with many complex rules. They can include anything from incompetent treatment by a medical professional, to simply careless or unprofessional treatment. A medical professional can be anyone from a nurse to a laboratory assistant. You do not want to handle a medical malpractice suit without a lawyer in most situations.

Toxic Substance Exposure

Another difficult situation, toxic substance exposure cases are very hard to prove and most relevant industries have taken great pains to protect themselves from such cases. Plenty of strong scientific data is required as well as items such as cases studies and patterns of behavior. You definitely need the expertise of a personal injury lawyer in a toxic exposure case.

Insurance Company Pay Refusal

Sometimes insurance companies either refuse to make a decent offer or are slow to compensate you for lost income or medical bills. This can even happen with your own insurance company in a situation such as a car accident. In some cases, even the implication of a lawyer getting involved can speed up the process.

Finding a good personal injury lawyer is best done through friends or references. If you have another type of lawyer, ask them for a reference to a lawyer that handles personal injury claims.

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