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Laguna Niguel Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

The residents of Laguna Niguel take advantage of the beautiful weather and the lovely surroundings of their town by getting outdoors for walks and hikes. A pleasant walk to work, to visit neighbors, or just to get exercise may include the risk of encountering vehicles on the roadways. When the situation calls for sharing the road, the pedestrian pays when others do not share nicely.

When a confrontation with a car, bus, truck, or motorcycle injures a Laguna Niguel pedestrian, Laguna Niguel Pedestrian Accident Lawyers may be able to help. A lawyer may be able to assure that the appropriate person or persons are held responsible for the damage they have caused.

Reviewing the police report
The Laguna Niguel Pedestrian Accident Lawyers review the documentation of the first responders at the scene of an accident in which a pedestrian was injured. The lawyer will determine if the authorities found that the driver was in error and ticketed him or her for actions that lead up to the injury of the pedestrian. A review of the driver’s record may also reveal that the driver has a history of not following traffic laws, and his or her habitually bad driving was the cause of the incident that injured the pedestrian.

Interviewing witnesses
From the authorities’ reports, the Laguna Niguel Pedestrian Accident Lawyers will be able to determine if there were impartial witnesses to the accident. An eyewitness response could point the way to establishing who should be held accountable for the injuries suffered by the person on foot. If no witness names are included in the report, the lawyer may post notices in publications or in public places asking witnesses to come forward and help with the investigation.

Advocating for the injured person
Once the lawyer thoroughly scrutinizes the reports of the authorities and all reliable witnesses have given statements, the Laguna Niguel Pedestrian Accident Lawyers create a case to support why the responsible persons should be answerable for the damage they have initiated. The injured person may be facing mounting medical and rehabilitation costs. He or she may also be missing wages because they are unable to return to work. A lawyer will work to secure compensation from the liable persons or their insurance companies.

An injured pedestrian owes themselves and their families the right to stay whole financial when they suffer injuries from an accident that was no fault of theirs. If you’ve been injured as a pedestrian in an accident with a vehicle, The Laguna Niguel Pedestrian Accident Lawyers will assist you to assure you file accurate and timely paperwork seeking compensation in support of yourself and your family.

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