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West Covina Bus Accident Lawyers

People who ride in buses are more vulnerable when it comes to a crash or rollover. They do not have seat belts to keep them from being tossed around, so their injuries are often severe. If a person is lucky, his or her injuries will be minor and temporary. However, many people suffer severe injuries that last a lifetime. This means they will need continual medical care, and some people may even be injured so badly that they are partially or fully disabled. In such cases, it is crucial to seek compensation to cover expenses. West Covina bus accident lawyers can help make the process easier.

<strong>Investigating Bus Drivers</strong>
One of the first steps an accident attorney will take is to investigate the driver involved in a bus crash. If there were other vehicles involved, those drivers will also be investigated. However, bus drivers are responsible in many incidents. Driving a bus is a task that is difficult enough there is a separate type of license required for it. To obtain and keep this license, drivers must meet strict requirements. If a driver was under the influence of alcohol or another substance at the time of the crash, that is a likely contributing factor. Some drivers may also be distracted, and many public buses now have cameras to catch them using cell phones or doing other dangerous tasks while they are supposed to be focusing on the road.

<strong>Investigating Bus Condition</strong>
The condition of the bus is also taken into consideration. Every type of bus that is in the business of transporting people on a regular basis is required to adhere to a maintenance schedule. Public and private buses may vary in this aspect, but they are all required to be kept as safe as possible. If maintenance was neglected or performed improperly, the company responsible for the bus faces a degree of liability for an accident related to this.

California law limits the amount of time victims have to file a claim following a bus crash, so it is important to start the process as quickly as possible. Failing to file a claim is essentially the same as giving up the right to be compensated for medical expenses. As previously stated, many medical conditions are permanent and will require costly care for the rest of a victim’s life. These expenses are often too much to pay upfront, and the rising costs of medical care will only make it more difficult to cope. In addition to this, people who are permanently disabled will need replacement income to survive. If you or someone you know was injured in a bus crash, call us today.

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