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1 Nov 2016

Being “hurt in a car” can signify a variety of things. You may be the driver of a vehicle and find yourself with serious injuries. You may be the passenger or one of the passengers in someone else’s vehicle and sustain injuries from an accident. Whatever the case, being hurt in a car can be anything from minor aches and pains to serious neck, back or brain injuries that can have lifetime effects.

Passengers hurt in a car

If you are the passenger in someone else’s vehicle that is involved in an accident, you have rights just as they do. If you are injured, you can file for lost wages or medical bills. A passenger has an easier claim for a case than either of the drivers. The reason is that the passenger cannot be held liable because they weren’t driving. It was obviously the fault of one of the drivers. In a personal injury claim, they must show liability and damage. For damage, they will need a doctor’s report showing the extent of the damage they received.

In the case where two vehicles collided, a passenger would make a claim against both drivers. They would get information for insurance, license and registration from both drivers and file claims with each of their insurance companies. In a case where both drivers may be liable, the attorney would negotiate with the insurance company.

Things change up a bit when there is more than one passenger. If there are three passengers in a vehicle that is involved in an accident, all three would file a claim. If the amount from all three claims exceeds the amount of insurance the driver has, they will have to settle for the amount of insurance and split it. If they can’t agree on the split, they will have to go to court to settle the matter.

Symptoms after an accident

Sometimes you may be hurt in a car and not even realize it. You are often in shock for a day or two after an accident. Later on, you may feel back or neck pain, headaches or sprains in limbs. It is important when in an accident that if you aren’t feeling well to go to the doctor right away. If you don’t go right after the accident but feel symptoms later, go as soon as these symptoms appear. Make sure to get a detailed report from the doctor.

Ensure your claim

If you are hurt in a car and need to file a claim, there are things you need to make sure of. Contact your insurer and an auto accident attorney as soon as possible after the accident. You also want to make sure you exchange insurance, license and registration information with the other driver. Obtain a copy of the police report as soon as you are able and collect all the evidence that you can.

Another imperative factor is to make sure that you visit a doctor as soon after the accident as you can. Even if you don’t feel like you are injured, it is best to get checked out. The longer you wait, the less likely you will get compensated for medical bills. Keep records of all your medical bills and any proof of lost wages from your employment. Records are important to help you win your case.


Knowing your rights in the state you live in is important in helping you with a case in court. If you are hurt in a car, you certainly should be compensated for your pain and lost wages. Medical bills will pile up, and you shouldn’t be responsible for those. If you or someone you know has been hurt in a car, get in touch with an experienced attorney who knows and understands the rules and regulations of your state. They will help you get compensation that you deserve and get you moving in the right direction again.

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