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Vehicle accidents can be a stressful and painful event in anyone’s life. You may have to go to the hospital to be checked out or the damage may be worse. You may have a hospital stay for a while or months of therapy to endure. Either way, to make things worse, there is paperwork that has to be filled out after an accident. This paperwork can be confusing when you aren’t sure which forms are to be filed for which reasons. Below are some of the items that paperwork may have to be filled out for.

First things first

Filling out an accident report is crucial to your case. You should fill this out as soon as you are capable of doing so. You can download and print a form for the state that you reside in. Keep this in your vehicle at all times because you will need it when gathering information about the accident. You can also go to the DMV website and print a copy of a checklist to keep with you. Even though you have filled out the accident report, it is important to write a statement in your own words telling every detail of the accident. Do this as soon as possible while it is still fresh on your mind.

If an accident involves a certain dollar amount in damages, many states require you to fill out and file an SR-31 form with the Drivers License Division of the Department of Public Safety. You must also fill out this form if the accident resulted in injury or death of a person and the driver at fault has no insurance.

If a police officer works the accident, he will check to see if you have insurance. If you do not have the proof with you or there is no officer working the accident, you will need to file form SR-21 which shows proof of liability insurance.

Other forms you may need

You will need to file an insurance claim as soon as things settle down, and you can think clearly. People don’t like to think about this part of the process because insurance rates may go up. Unfortunately, this is something that still has to be done in order to get the damages covered. You also wouldn’t want the other driver’s insurance to report the accident to your insurance, and you haven’t even told them yet.

If you are in an accident that is your fault, but you and the other driver make arrangements between yourselves that you will pay them payments for the damage, you will need to file form SR-59. This is an installment payment arrangement form. If you are involved in an accident and have paid all of the damages you owe, fill out form SR-58, and you are released from any further liability.

If your license was suspended due to an accident, and there has been no court action taken against you in the past two years, you can file form SR-33 which states no court action was taken. With this, you can apply to have your license reinstated.

There are forms that should be filed for individuals with disabilities. The form to file for this depends on the individuals employment status and insurance status. Check with your state to see which form you should file.


A good attorney with the knowledge and background to understand driving laws can help you understand which forms you will need to fill out and submit. They know the forms that their state requires and will guide you in the direction that is best for you. If you find yourself in a vehicle accident and are confused with all the forms and paperwork, get in touch with an experienced attorney, and breathe easier knowing they will help to get these filed and send you off in the right direction.


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