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What happens if a doctor says I’ll never fully recover from my car accident?

When a doctor informs you that you may never fully recover from a car accident you were in, it is important to take his or her advice into consideration while you gather all the facts you can about your situation. Your doctor is a medical professional who is completely qualified to diagnose your physical and mental condition. You may think that you will eventually be well enough to work again, but if you have injuries that are severe enough, you may never be fully able to continue your job in the manner in which you had before. A bad car accident can impact not just your physical self, but your emotional and psychological state as well.

Before you are Diagnosed

Your first order of business after being in an automobile accident should, of course, be to get better. It’s very important to document all of your injuries from the very start so you have proof that the accident impacted you in some way, whether it is minimal or severe. Too many people think that they aren’t hurt when in reality, it may take days, weeks or even months for an injury stemming from a car crash to surface. The next order of business is to have an experienced car accident lawyer on call, ready to defend your injuries to the insurance company. Having a reputable lawyer is important because you need to make sure your injuries are fully represented and that your rights are protected.

After reporting your accident to the police and to the insurance company, get in touch with a personal injury lawyer. If you are too hurt to do so, enlist the help of your spouse, family member or trusted friend to make contact for you.

What Happens Next?

If you get devastating news concerning your injuries, such as the fact that you may not ever fully recover, you’ll definitely need a team of lawyers who will work side-by-side you to ensure you get the settlement you deserve. A reputable lawyer can make all the difference in your case. It’s vital to remember that the next few months or years can get overwhelming if you have sustained major injuries that will cause you to never work again. The medical process alone can be a tremendous burden for you and your loved ones, so you will want to make sure you have a reputable lawyer to help you handle your lawsuit.

You Can’t Work, Now What?

You may be responsible for thousands of dollars right off the bat because of a car accident. You’ll be held accountable for the ambulance ride, the emergency room visit, any medication the doctor or nurse gave you upon arrival and more. However, if your injuries are severe, the expenses won’t end there. You can easily be looking at the following expenses for months to come:

•Overnight hospital stays
•Prescription costs
•Doctor visit costs from specialists
•Follow-up doctor visits
•Long-term care

If you are never able to work again, you’ll be faced not only with mounting medical bills, but your everyday bills you already pay, such as rent, heating, electric, food, phone and more. Being unable to work again usually causes a person to fall into a depressed state, which could lead to the need for psychiatric help. This causes even more bills to pile up. But you still need to survive financially, even though you cannot work again.

How a Personal Lawyer Can Help

You may think that your life-altering injury will easily entitle you to fair compensation. But this is the furthest from the truth for many insurance companies who are not willing to pay a fair amount for pain and suffering, lost wages and life-changing injuries. A personal injury lawyer will do the work for you by holding the insurance company accountable for the money you are owed. You will be able to rely on your attorney to aggressively pursue your court case in your favor. Personal injury lawyers have the knowledge and skills needed to fight the legal system and insurance companies in order to win the settlement you deserve.

You may not be able to work anymore, but that doesn’t mean that your bills shouldn’t be paid or that you shouldn’t live comfortably. Contact a personal injury lawyer today and make sure that you are fully compensated if your doctor has told you that you will never be able to work again due to your car accident. Your attorney will do everything in their power to ensure you are rewarded for your injuries.

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