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What if the Insurance Company Offers Me a Settlement?

31 Oct 2016

Whenever a person is involved in an automobile accident, chances are they will be contacted by an insurance company representing the other party who was at fault. In these cases, the insurance company will do one of two things. First, they may attempt to convince you that the accident was your fault. If that tactic doesn’t work, the next step may be a settlement offer. While the temptation to accept what may seem like a large amount of money will be strong, it’s important to remember the insurance adjuster is not on your side, and is trying to settle the claim for as little money as possible. Rather than accepting an offer that may not provide you with the money you’ll need to cover lost wages, medical bills, and other expenses, it’s best to consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer when confronted with this situation.

Signing a Release
When unsuspecting accident victims choose to accept a settlement offer, they are also usually presented with a release form they are expected to sign. If they make the mistake of signing this form, they are then giving up any rights they would have to file future claims for their injuries. Along with this, they will be precluded from receiving any additional compensation for their injuries, even if additional money will be needed to cover future medical treatment or other expenses. If you find yourself faced with this situation, speak with a personal injury attorney at once. In most cases, a skilled lawyer will be able to get you far more money than an insurance company will offer you. It’s also important to remember your lawyer is fighting for you, while the insurance company is simply trying to pay as little money as possible while having little if any regard for you and your injuries.

Deceptive Measures
Along with attempting to pay out as little money as possible on an injury claim, insurance companies will also sometimes resort to numerous deceptive measures in an effort to get desperate victims to accept their offer. Whether it’s convincing victims their pain and suffering are worth nothing, tricking them into making statements that can be used against them when filing a claim, or manipulating victims to allow them access to medical records, insurance companies will in some cases resort to extreme tactics to gain the upper hand. Instead of falling victim to these deceptive practices, personal injury victims should always speak first with an attorney who has the experience and knowledge needed to beat the insurance companies at their own game.

Know the True Value of Your Case
When an insurance adjuster comes calling on a victim, they are banking on you not knowing the true value of your case. If you have not spoken with an attorney prior to this, chances are the money the insurance adjuster offers you may sound like a very large amount. However, if you have failed to take into consideration such things as future medical care, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other related expenses, the money you may receive from an insurance company may not begin to cover your expenses. In fact, there have been personal injury cases where insurance adjusters have convinced unsuspecting victims that the maximum amount of compensation they could receive for pain and suffering was only $50, and sadly some victims believed this and accepted the offer. Rather than be one of the unsuspecting victims that find themselves being coerced by insurance companies into accepting a lowball offer, hire the services of a personal injury lawyer who is willing to fight for you and your rights.

Free Consultations
While insurance companies hope you will not be aware of the potential pitfalls associated with accepting their settlement offer, personal injury lawyers do everything possible to ensure victims are protected as much as possible. To make sure all victims have an opportunity to tell their side of the story, free consultations are offered to victims. By doing so, victims will be able to relax and have peace of mind while speaking to an attorney, and will also have the chance to have their questions answered by a professional who is on their side. While these cases are very complex, if you choose to work with an attorney who believes in you and your case, insurance adjusters will not be able to use deception in order to save their company money. Instead of being victimized, let your personal injury lawyer help you get the compensation you deserve.

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