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What is a structured settlement?

31 Jul 2017

You won a civil case against the defendant. Now, you need to decide how to receive the payment. A lump sum payment will allow you to receive the entire amount in one payout. A structured settlement is another option. It allows you to receive payments at certain times. You will need to talk to a personal injury lawyer. The attorney will know if a structured settlement is a right alternative. Here is some general information about structured settlements:

History of Structured Settlements

Structured settlements started in the 1970s. A medication for pregnant women, Thalidomide, caused birth defects. A court ruled against the manufacturer of this medication. As a result, structured settlements are financial security for children with birth defects.

Structured Settlement Process

The plaintiff has the option to receive a structured settlement. An insurance company manages these settlements. The plaintiff will receive payments on specific dates for a period of time. personal injury attorneys will help you decide which option is best for you.

Cases Allowing Structured Settlements

Plaintiffs should consult personal injury attorneys. The lawyers have knowledge about the cases that allow structured settlements. Here are some of the common cases:

Personal Injury

Personal Injury cases are civil proceedings. The plaintiffs believe that the defendants are responsible for their injuries. They seek an award of money for medical bills, pain and suffering, income, and other damages.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation is an insurance paid by employers for their employees’ injuries. Employees file claims with the insurance company for their injuries. Workplace occurrences include physical damages, mental injuries, toxic contact, pre-existing conditions, and other employment injuries.

Wrongful Death

Wrongful death cases occur when victims die due to the carelessness or misconduct of other people. Other victims and family members of the decedents can file a lawsuit. They can seek damages for financial loss, punitive damages, and other losses.

Structured Settlement Advantages

Structured settlements provide a source of money to people over a certain period of time. Here are some advantages to having a structured settlement:

• Tax benefits
• Protection of having funds during disability
• Customized for specific needs
• Protection by state insurance departments
• Fair settlement agreement between parties

Structured Settlement Disadvantages

A structured settlement may assure you that funds will be available for your needs. Even so, there are some disadvantages to having a structured settlement:

• Lose tax benefits due to rules
• Payments too low due to inflation
• No protection from some brokers

Selling Structured Settlements

You have the right to sell your structured settlement. There are companies that specialize in buying structured settlement payments. Before you contact one of these companies, you should call a personal injury lawyer. The legal professional will know the laws about structured settlements. You will need to get permission from a judge to sell your structured settlement payments. If the reason is valid, you will be able to receive cash from a structured settlement buyer. Here are some common reasons people sell their structured settlement payments:

• Paying off or catching up mortgages
• Buying a new home
• Clearing up medical expenses
• Paying student loans or other debts
• Starting a business

Personal Injury Lawyers and Structured Settlements

You are thinking about selling your structured settlement payments. Before talking to a structured settlement company, you should call a personal injury attorney. This lawyer will be able to help you through the entire process. Here are some reasons why you should get assistance from personal injury lawyers:

• Concern for your future financial security
• Help you get a reliable structured settlement company
• Aid you with documents concerning the transaction
• Assist you with the court hearing

A structured settlement will allow you to receive payments at specific times. If you decide to sell future payments, you need to talk to a personal injury attorney. The legal professional will assist you with the process.

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