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If you have been hurt by another person, you are entitled to a wide variety of damages assuming that they are appropriate in a given case. A jury may decide to give you money for medical expenses as well as any financially losses that you incur because of your injuries. Family members may also be entitled to compensation based on your injuries. Let’s look specifically at what damages the person who hurt you may liable for.

Medical Bills and Related Costs

It is likely that you will go to your doctor or to an emergency room immediately after the accident takes place. It is also possible that you will take medication to control any pain that you may feel or any seizures or nausea that you may experience. The person who hit you may also be liable for the cost of going into surgery or any future surgeries related to the accident.

Once you get out of the hospital, you may need to have your home or vehicle modified if you can’t climb stairs or walk on your own. Modifications may include adding a stair lift in your home or a wheelchair ramp to the entrance of your home or vehicle. If you require physical therapy, that cost will also be included in any award that you are granted.

Did You Miss Work or Lose the Ability to Return to Work?

If you are not able to work while you recover, you could lose the ability to make money needed to care for yourself and your family. As part of any award that you win, you may be compensated for time that you had to take off. In the event that you are unable to return to work or return to work in the same capacity, you may be given money to make up for your losses.

When calculating lost future earnings, a jury will take a look at your age, likelihood of being promoted and other factors to approximate your likely earning potential. Typically, a younger person with a college degree will be given more than an older person or one without the required education to get a higher paying job.

Do You Have any Significant Costs to Pay Off?

If you have a mortgage, student loans or other bills that you can no longer pay off, you may be granted compensation to take care of them. This is typically done to make sure that you have adequate housing for yourself and for any minors that you may have to provide for. You may also be given money to help pay the college or other costs related to raising a child to adulthood.

Can You Still Enjoy Spending Time With Your Family?

If you are unable to be intimate with your spouse, both you and your spouse may be compensated for that. The same is true if you are unable to talk to or otherwise interact with your children. Generally, the law says that you can be compensated on the basis that your quality of life is diminished. Your children may be entitled to compensation as well as their quality of life is diminished because of a lack of parental guidance.

Were You Hurt By a Company Vehicle or Because of a Defective Product?

Multiple parties may be liable for damages in the event that you are hurt. If a company is responsible for your injuries because of its negligence, punitive damages may be added on top of actual damages. The amount of these damages may be capped by law or they may be limited by what a judge may deem to be fair in a particular case. However, you don’t lose any of your other compensation no matter what a judge decides about the amount of punitive damages you are also given.

If you are hurt in an accident, you are entitled to compensation that could total thousands or even millions of dollars. Your attorney will make sure that he or she pushes for everything that you may be able to get under state law, and he or she will do so in as timely a manner as possible.

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