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What questions will I be asked at my deposition?

After you file a personal injury lawsuit, the defendant will have to submit and answer to the court. Both parties have the right to conduct formal investigations to get more facts surrounding the case. During this the time, both parties may conduct depositions.

What is Deposition?

A deposition is basically a technique personal injury lawyers use to get information they can use to present their arguments during trial. The information can be taken from anyone who may have relevant facts related to the case at hand. The person who provides information during a deposition is known as a deponent. During deposition, the lawyer asks the deponent various questions relating to the case. All depositions are carried out under oath and outside the courtroom.

Questions to Expect During a Deposition

If you are going for a deposition, there are certain questions you will be asked. The common questions you should expect from person injury lawyers include;

1. What do You Remember Regarding the Accident? You should tell the lawyer everything you can remember about the accident scene and your injuries. These may include details such as when the injury occurred, what you were doing before the accident and who was present at the scene.

2. Have You Been Injured or Sick Before? Here, you need to tell the lawyer all the injuries you have suffered, whether they are related to the accident or not.

3. What Job Do You Do? You must tell the lawyer whether you have an employer, or you are self-employed. You must also tell him about your current salary as well as the number of jobs you have had for the last 10 to 15 years.

4. Have You Signed or Recorded Any Statements? Tell the lawyer if you have spoken to reporters or any other person about the events related to the case. Also, tell him whether you have posted any statements in social media or other online platforms.

5. What is Your Criminal History? Here, let the attorney know about the type of lawsuits you have previously been involved in. Also, tell him about the tickets you have received so far and whether you have been arrested.

6. What is Your Financial Situation? If you have filed for bankruptcy before, let the lawyer know. This is important because if you file for bankruptcy during your case, you will not get the compensation from the insurance company since the money becomes part of your estate. If you tell your lawyer, he will negotiate with your bankruptcy lawyer so that you get at least half of the settlement

7. Have You Filed for a Divorce or Planning to Do So? In case you have filed for a divorce or planning to do so in the future, tell your lawyer. This is important because if your spouse was the one helping you with the injuries after the accident, he or she might be entitled for a portion of the compensation.

8. What Caused the Accident? You need to tell your lawyer everything you think might lead to the crash. You must tell him whether you were driving under the influence, speeding or texting over the phone. You must also tell him about the other driver and whether he was drunk, speeding or depicting any reckless behavior.

9. Have You Seen a Doctor? Tell the lawyer what time you decided to seek medical attention and which hospital you went to. If there are any medical records you have, let the lawyer know.

10. Do you have any Evidence from the Scene? The lawyer will ask you to produce any evidence you might have. This may include video footage or pictures from the scene, audio recordings of witnesses or samples.

11. Have You Talked to Anyone from the Defendant’s Side? Tell the lawyer the number of times you have met with anyone representing the defendant. Tell him what you talked about and how many times you have met.

12. Have You Ever Been Deposed Before? If you have been deposed before, the lawyer will want to know more about it. This way, he can prepare well for unforeseen accusations and impeachments from the defendant’s side.

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