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What Should I Do At The Scene Of An Accident In Which I Am Involved?

31 Oct 2016

Being involved in a motor vehicle accident can be a traumatic experience at the time it happens. You must keep your emotions as calm as possible and your mind on what to do immediately following the accident. The actions taken by you after the accident can have consequences, even if you weren’t at fault in the cause of the accident. Always make sure to carry your driving license, vehicle registration and insurance information with you when operating a motor vehicle. Those are the three legal requirements to legally drive on public freeways.

Your responsibility as a driver on public roads is to make sure all the legal requirements to drive have accurate information and nothing has expired. Law enforcement will be checking all your information to verify these facts. Make sure that you never use drugs or alcohol while driving your vehicle. Avoid using a cell phone when you’re behind the wheel. Following the advice mentioned will keep you safe, avoid the chances of an accident and keep you completely legal while operating your motor vehicle.

What Should You Do If An Accident Occurs?

If you’re severely injured in an automobile accident, very little can be done by you at that moment. The other driver or witnesses who see the accident will call emergency personnel to the scene. Law enforcement and medical personnel will arrive as quickly as possible to the scene of the accident. The severity of the crash determines what can happen after the accident. Neither driver may be able to do anything but wait for help to arrive.

Never try to remove a driver or occupants of a motor vehicle unless the danger of fire or explosion is present. You can cause further harm to people who have sustained injuries in a collision. In an accident with minor injury, you should check on them to make sure that they are relatively safe considering they have been involved in an accident. Make sure the police and medical personnel are called to the scene as quickly as possible.

You need to record information on the other driver, as they will need it about you. Swap information with them including personal identification and vehicle information. If passengers were involved, obtain their personal information. Both parties involved should show courtesy and respect to each other. Any witnesses to the accident might be able to provide helpful information. Always record their personal information and what they observed about the accident.

Never admit guilt or claim you were at fault concerning the accident. Law enforcement will do a report about the accident and could issue citations on the scene. Offering information at the scene could be an admission of your legal liability concerning the accident. Only answer questions from law enforcement about the accident. Don’t discuss anything concerning the accident with others at the scene.

Vehicle Accident Injuries

At the scene medical personnel and law enforcement will ask you if you’re injured. If you need further treatment than at the accident scene, medical professionals will transport you to the hospital for the injuries. Automobile injuries might not be noticeable at the time of the accident, but show symptoms within hours or days later.

Go to the emergency room if you’re having severe pain or soreness from everyday activities. This can be walking, sitting, bending or twisting. You may have broken a bone or cracked ribs. Passing blood in urine or spitting up blood is a serious health situation to not take likely. Make sure to receive immediate treatment for any injury relating to the motor vehicle accident.

Record all information of how the injuries have affected your life. Include any work hours missed and other activity that has been interrupted due to being injured. All statements from medical professionals you required service from should be kept secure as part of your records. You need this information for your insurance providers.

Insurance Company

Make sure to contact your insurance company within days of the accident. They will want to know all the facts concerning the accident and your condition if you received treatment for injuries. Your cooperation with the insurance company will help them make the determination of what amounts to pay on claims.

The insurance company will do an investigation of all the information you discuss with them. They will probably ask to see the police report for their information on the accident in making determinations on a claim. Your insurance company may have to pay off on vehicle and medical payments of the other driver if the accident was your fault. If they were at fault, their insurance company might have to pay the same as compensation to you.

This is an area where legal advice should be considered. Any type of injuries caused from a motor vehicle accident should be reason enough to consult an experienced attorney. An accident lawyer can help you receive a settlement for damages caused to you from the accident.

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