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What to Do After a Car Accident Involving Children

6 Nov 2018

Being a parent usually causes you to be incredibly careful when driving, especially if your kids are in the car with you. However, being careful only accounts for one side of things. Unfortunately, your caution does not account for other drivers, and the unthinkable is always possible. No matter how careful you are, an accident can still happen while your children are in the car.

If you do get into an accident with your children, there are some important actions you should take that our special to your circumstances. Immediately following the crash, emergency responders should be called. It is important to get your child medical attention regardless of whether or not they say they feel okay. Children are sometimes unable to properly communicate their physical pain, so getting them seen by a doctor quickly is of utmost importance.

Something most people don’t consider is the need to buy a new car seat for your child after you have gotten into an accident, in the case that you still use one for your child. The force from the crash could weaken the materials in your current car seat. If this happens, it may not be able to properly protect your child in the future if another accident takes place.

In the case that your child has been injured due to an accident, your actions become even more urgent. You’ll want to get them to a hospital to be checked out no matter what, which means you are nearly guaranteed to have medical costs that will need to be covered. Because of this, it is extremely important for you to notify your insurance company immediately.

Not only will you want to notify your insurance company immediately, but you should also make it a priority to contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. If you have medical costs that will need to be covered, a personal injury lawyer can make the process a great deal easier for you, allowing you to put more focus into caring for your child as accidents can be traumatic for some, depending on the severity and the child.

A personal injury lawyer can be greatly beneficial to you for many reasons. For starters, a personal injury lawyer is trained to understand the legal process of insurance claims and can easily determine the worth of your claim. This will increase the odds of you receiving a higher settlement, which can help you bounce back financially from the aftermath of the accident.

Hiring a personal injury lawyer also increases your odds of having a successful claim. Not only that, however, but it will also benefit you in case you need to take things to trial. A personal injury lawyer is prepared and ready to go to trial, which is rarely ever necessary but extremely beneficial to have in your corner as it shows how serious you are to the insurance companies involved.

The regulations regarding collecting compensation for your child following an accident vary depending on local and state laws, but typically both the child and the child’s parent are eligible to be compensated for the child’s medical costs. It will be the parent’s responsibility to handle the claim for their child, which is all the more reason to hire a personal injury lawyer to make matters easier. It’s one thing to handle your own claim, but when someone else’s claim is in your hand – especially your own child’s, you’ll want everything handled properly and in your favor.

Overall, car accidents involving children can be incredibly emotional and stressful. However, it is important not to let those emotions get in the way of properly handling the legal matters of the accident. Promptness is important in these situations, as the faster you handle your insurance claim, the likelier you are to have things handled in your favor.

Even in the madness of handling legal matters, you should make sure to find time to be there for your child. Accidents are stressful situations, but they are even more stressful for children involved. Younger children may not be able to easily comprehend the events that took place, so your support for them will help them cope.

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