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When It Is Important To Call San Clemente Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal injuries can change the entire life of someone in San Clemente. They can lead to disabilities and long-term injuries that require years of treatment. Some personal injuries are the direct result of the negligent or reckless actions of other people. If other parties are liable, then they can often be held responsible for financial losses associated with the injuries. There are several instances when it is very important to call a lawyer after a personal injury.

The Injuries are Permanent or Very Serious

There are many different types of personal injuries. Some cause pain and minor inconveniences for a short time. Other injuries could require years or decades of recovery. An injury might even cause a permanent disability that makes every day painful and prevents normal activities like working. It is important to call an attorney in San Clemente if a personal injury requires long-term treatments or has lead to a permanently disabling condition. Attorneys will work to get compensation for past, current and future medical expenses related to the injury. They can also seek compensation for non-financial losses stemming from the injury.

Insurance Companies Deny Claims

If insurance companies or claims adjusters start to deny claims or make unrealistic demands, then it is time to call San Clemente personal injury lawyers. Insurance companies can turn a simple claim for compensation into a complex legal nightmare that could take years to resolve. Attorneys cannot be pressured by insurance companies because they understand the issues and the law. They can identify hollow threats and frivolous actions. This will make it easier to get a fair settlement from the insurers or to avoid a long string of legal actions.

The Other Party Denies Liability

There are many times when a person who is directly and clearly responsible for a personal injury decides to deny liability. The other party might try any number of tricks in order to delay a lawsuit or avoid dealing with the issue. These situations nearly all end with a trial. This is why it is important to call personal injury lawyers in San Clemente. The attorneys will take every step possible to hold the other party responsible. Lawyers might also be able to negotiate a favorable settlement that makes a long trial unnecessary.

Statutory Limitations Are Approaching

Recovering from a serious personal injury is not easy. Injuries can restrict mobility, cloud judgment and make normal activities difficult or impossible to perform. California has a one or two-year statutory limit on filing a personal injury claim depending on the circumstances. Recovering from a traumatic brain injury or other disabling injury could easily take years. A personal injury attorney in San Clement should be called if the statute of limitations is approaching. A good lawyer will make sure the legal claim is filed before the time limit expires.

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