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Whittier Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

Many Whittier citizens choose walking as a mode of transportation daily. Others commonly jog, roller blade or enjoy the sport of skateboarding. Getting exercise and fresh air, difficulty with finding a parking spot or general traffic may influence these decisions. However, walking, jogging, roller blading and skateboarding are not without possible dangers. The California Highway Patrol reported that in 2009, more than 12,400 pedestrians were injured and 598 died because of accidents. A study published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that in 2010, more than 4,280 pedestrians across the country lost their lives in pedestrian/motor vehicle accidents. Pedestrian accidents claim the lives of 12 citizens everyday or one citizen every 8 minutes.

While plenty of local citizens enjoy being on foot, drivers outnumber pedestrians. When the two meet at crosswalks, intersections, sidewalks or streets, accidents may occur. Pedestrian/motor vehicle accident take place for a variety of reasons that include:

* Driving while fatigued
* Driving while intoxicated
* Pedestrians or drivers engaged in cell phone activity
* Vehicles running red lights or stop signs
* Vehicles speeding

<strong>Consult a Whittier Pedestrian Accident Lawyer</strong>

If you or a loved one becomes involved in a pedestrian accident, contact an attorney from our firm. Our extensive experience with personal injury in the community means that we provide clients with the advice, guidance and representation needed after an accident occurs.

<strong>Pedestrian Accident Investigation</strong>

Whittier lawyers investigate all types of pedestrian accidents. Part of evaluating the case entails determining a driver’s role in the collision. Attorneys review the vehicle operator’s driving record and examine whether the individual was involved in other accidents. Time of day, road conditions, obstructions and weather conditions are additional factors requiring evaluation.

<strong>Pedestrian Accident Representation</strong>

Accident victims may attempt seeking compensation without the assistance of an attorney. However, victims or family members may encounter problems with insurance companies. Insurance companies may choose to settle out of court but offer inadequate awards. Accident attorneys capably handle either situation and understand the complexities that victims face. Pedestrians may require prolonged medical treatment, physical therapy and other healthcare related expenses. Victims also commonly deal with loss of employment and benefits. In the event of a fatality, families must endure the grieving process in addition to various monetary losses that include funeral and burial expenses and the loss of the victim’s income.

In the state of California, victims have two years from the date of the accident to initiate litigation procedures unless mentally or physically incapacitated or under the age of 18. The time frame might also be extended if an injury surfaces later. When you need suffer a pedestrian related accident, consult with a Whittier Pedestrian Accident Lawyer.

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