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Premises Liability/Trip and Fall
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Woodland Hills Personal Injury Lawyers

For the typical Woodland resident, personal injury might seem like a complex topic. The reason why it seems complex is because it is. There are many different types of personal injury, but regardless of the scenario, residents need Woodland Personal Injury Lawyers. By hiring a lawyer, residents can benefit in several ways, but there are some common questions that people need an answer for.

How to Tell If You Have a Legitimate Case

After sustaining personal injuries, some people wonder if they even have a case. It’s true that some people don’t really have a case that is worth fighting for. However, any accident that involves people or property is valid.

It’s important for Woodland residents to determine who caused the accident. If another party was at fault, then you have a valid case. It’s also important to know that a personal injury case isn’t required to involve physical injury. There are endless examples of personal injury claims that didn’t involve physical injury.

For example, a physical assault doesn’t require the victim to prove they were actually assaulted; the victim must only prove that they expected to be harmed. Other personal injury cases involve invasion of privacy, emotional distress and damage to a person’s reputation.

What to Do Immediately After an Accident

Many residents don’t know what they should immediately after being involved in an accident. Oftentimes, actions taken in the first few days after an accident are very important. If proper action is taken, an individual can greatly increase his or her chance of obtaining compensation for their injuries. Immediately after an accident, it’s critical to record all of the details of the accident.

It’s easy to write down the details on paper. It’s also important to write down information concerning lost wages, and other losses should also be recorded. After the accident, a Woodland resident should record all of the conversations that he or she had with others who were involved in the accident.

For example, it’s crucial to record conversations with people who witnessed the accident. It’s also very important preserve all of the evidence that was involved in the accident. For example, this could be a blood-soaked shirt or pants, or it could be something as simple as a piece of paper.

You should try to find everyone who witnessed the accident and obtain a statement from them. However, Woodland Personal Injury Lawyers can help you do all of these things, but you can start recording evidence before you ever hire a lawyer.

When to File the Lawsuit

Although the best advice will come from Woodland Personal Injury Lawyers, you should file your lawsuit within California’s statutes of limitations. These statutes determine how long a person has to take legal action. All of this information is helpful, but the best course of action will come directly from a personal injury lawyer, so Woodland residents should find one quickly.

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