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Premises Liability/Trip and Fall
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Yorba Linda Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers

Residents of the prosperous town of Yorba Linda, California, can normally expect a safe and relaxing time when they go shopping at local establishments or pay social visits to friends. Unfortunately, there’s the ever-present chance, however small, that the negligent actions of a property owner may create a hazardous floor space that leads to an embarrassing slip and fall with the potential for serious personal injury. The severity of these accidents spans a broad range, with the majority of falls not inflicting permanent harm but some rare cases causing brain injuries and paralysis. In the event that you suffer a slip and fall accident at somebody’s home or business, you owe it to yourself to get in touch with an attorney who is knowledgeable in premises liability lawsuits. Seek out an experienced Yorba Linda slip and fall accident lawyer who will provide you with the aid necessary to help your recuperate your damages.
<h4>Want of Ordinary Care</h4>Lawyers investigating slip and fall accidents are tasked with making some key determinations to deduce liability in each case. California Civil Code, section 1714(a), declares that anyone in a position where their responsibility affects the welfare of others must exercise ordinary care, definable as watchful, prudent caution and attention displayed at the level of a reasonable person in the same situation. This care can be shown in regular inspections and reasonably scheduled cleanings, among other methods.

Ordinary care varies in cases of premises liability depending on the environment in which the accident occurs. For example, a hardware store with high ceilings and heavy shelved goods inevitably faces further scrutiny to meet ordinary care standards than does a small, carpeted store selling clothing for toddlers. A resident of a household is expected to inform guests that a structural danger may exist within his or her home and maintain a level of reasonable safety to minimize risks to others. Construction workers are obligated to notify the surrounding residents of hazards at their sites. Anybody who fails to meet these demands is said to be wanting in ordinary care.

Even when a property owner provides reasonable warning of a hazard, certain specialized situations can still establish liability on the part of the owner.
<h4>Potential Compensation</h4>A qualified premises liability lawyer can earn an award for you that may cover your medical expenses, the value of any wages you have lost due to your injuries, and pain and suffering. Your best option in determining a possible recovery is to contact a reputable Yorba Linda slip and fall accident lawyer and request a consultation.

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