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Yucaipa Personal Injury Lawyers

If you have suffered a personal injury or psychological problem as a result of another persons or establishments incompetence in the city of Yucaipa, Ca., you may feel overwhelmed. Countless people suffer injuries and do not receive a fair amount of compensation for their losses. Yucaipa Personal Injury Lawyers are here to fight for you.

Understanding Personal Injury Law

Yucaipa Personal Injury Lawyers specialize in helping victims receive the compensation they deserve for their injuries. Since civil wrongs span a wide variety of issues, it can be difficult navigating through the legal system on your own. With the help of a reputable and experienced lawyer, you can rest knowing that your case is in professional hands. Yucaipa Personal Injury Lawyers are highly skilled at taking all factors of your injury into account in order to develop the strongest case for you.

When to Contact a Lawyer

There are many different types of personal injuries that require legal action and representation from a personal injury lawyer. One of the most common is suffering injuries as a result of an individuals or establishment’s incompetency. In some cases, a victim may also suffer emotional pain or psychological concerns as a result. Other situations that call for legal action in civil court include exposure to toxic materials, public humiliation, disabling injuries, or wrongful death of a loved one. Many people do not know how to pursue civil cases such as these and cannot represent themselves in court properly. A lawyer takes care of all of the legalities for you, so you can focus on getting well and overcoming your injuries and losses. If you are unsure about whether you have a right to seek fair compensation, you can contact Yucaipa Personal Injury Lawyers to discuss your case.

Don’t Delay Taking Action

If you are debating whether you should take legal action for your injuries or loss, you shouldn’t delay discussing your case with a lawyer. Postponing or procrastinating taking legal action can weaken your case, resulting in less compensation than you could have initially received to cover your medical expenses and other costs related to your injury. This is because any relatable evidence, time sensitive details, and other factors can get lost.

Don’t Communicate with the Insurance Provider

Many victims are contacted by the other party’s insurance provider, who often attempts to make a settlement. This may seem like a quick and easy way to settle the problem. Unfortunately, insurance companies are notorious for offering measly settlement amounts that do not fully cover all of your medical expenses and other monetary losses, such as time off from work.

Yucaipa Personal Injury Lawyers are here to fight for your right to fair compensation. Contact them today to get started.

Overview of Pedestrian-Accidents

Pedestrians are people who are on foot as they walk, run or jog on the sidewalk, road, street or other thoroughfare. In Yucaipa and across the state and nation, they might navigate uneven surfaces, such as trails, shoulders, paths or even near a rain-gutter. Pedestrians are subject to exposure to all types of weather and road conditions and could easily be the unintended victim of a traffic accident despite their best efforts to abide by the laws of the road. An out-of-control car, poor visibility, a drunk driver or other factor can result in life-altering injuries or even death in these types of situations. They are the ones most likely to be placed at risk when involved in an accident.

Statistics on Pedestrian-Accidents

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released data on pedestrian accidents and reported that 4,280 pedestrians lost their lives in wrecks in 2010 across the nation while 70,000 pedestrians suffered injuries. That averages out to one pedestrian accident every two hours and one injury every eight minutes. If they are in an accident, they are 1.5 times as likely as someone in a car to be killed. <Sup>1</sup>

Example of Yucaipa Pedestrian-Accident

In a recent case of a Yucaipa pedestrian-accident, a 23-year-old man lost his life on Jan. 12, 2014, at the juncture of the I-10 and I-215 highways, according to a California Highway Patrol Officer. A 25-year-old woman behind the wheel of an SUV plowed into the victim. Originally, authorities believed the responsible motorist fled the scene of the man’s death. However, CHP reported that the woman eventually turned herself to San Bernardino Police. After they spoke with her further, she was freed until they could complete their investigation and speak with the district attorney. <Sup>2</sup>

Representing Injured Pedestrians

Pedestrians might try to seek payment from the responsible party or an insurance company. However, they can face red tape, excessive phone calls, lengthy delays and other complications while their case continues to languish with no resolution. In other cases, the insurance company might offer them a settlement, but the pedestrian may not have any idea if the amount is fair. Yucaipa Pedestrian Accident Lawyers will be able to advise them further regarding compensation, especially if they need continued medical attention. A settlement might not take care of long-term financial needs. A lawyer will be able to help pedestrians who are accident victims to determine an appropriate amount to request from the responsible parties. Under California law, a pedestrian must file a personal injury lawsuit within six months after the injury. If you or a loved one has been injured in a pedestrian accident, call the Yucaipa Pedestrian Accident Lawyers so that you can be represented by a professional and obtain a favorable outcome in your case.



If you are looking for Yucaipa car accident lawyers, it may be because you were involved in an accident that was not your fault and you are seeking monetary compensation for damages and injuries. If the other party is refusing to pay, you could have to take them to court. This is less of a criminal case – seeing as how the police will already have issued a citation or a fine upon seeing the cause of the accident – and more of a civil case to see that you get the compensation that you deserve.

This money could be used for many different things. For example, you may want to sue because of damage to your vehicle that is not covered by insurance. If you were injured in the accident, you may be suing to cover the cost of your medical bills, or you may even been seeking compensation for pain and suffering. No matter what, the judge who presides over the case is going to want to see some evidence of what caused the accident to determine who was truly at fault and what they are responsible for. Understanding some of the common causes of accidents can help you see if you have a case.

1. Excessive speed.
Yucaipa car accident lawyers deal with many cases where excessive speed was the only reason that the car crashed in the first place. When drivers break the speed limit, they have less reaction time and they may even drive faster than conditions – such as fog – allow. The police can often determine their speed through a variety of different tactics, including looking at skid marks from the accident itself.

2. Driving under the influence.
Many accidents are caused every year by drivers who are under the influence of alcohol and drugs when operating a motor vehicle. Even for legal, controlled drugs – such as alcohol – this is strictly illegal. The authorities will often figure out at the scene if drugs were involved, or they will get the toxicology report to test for illegal drugs and prescription drugs.

3. Distracted driving.
Distracted driving is a rising cause for accidents, as many Yucaipa car accident lawyers have seen, and it is usually related to cell phone usage. Drivers will be talking on their phones, texting their friends or even using web browsers to go online, all while driving. Many studies have shown that this is at least as dangerous as drunk driving, if not more so.

Making Your Case
If you are interested in filing a case with the local courts, Yucaipa car accident lawyers can assist you. Contact them today, even if it has been weeks since the accident occurred.

Riding the bus throughout Yucaipa is common practice for many residents and visitors. But bus accidents can happen, either through the fault of the driver who was impaired or distracted, or on the part of the bus company that failed to properly repair or maintain the vehicle. Bus accidents of all kinds — from charter and tour to school and city — are an unfortunate result of faulty bus mechanics, poor road conditions, improperly inspected buses and just plain bad driving skills.

Passenger Bus Accidents

As a passenger on a bus, you take your life into your hands quite literally. You assume you will be safely transported to your destination. While this is certainly true in the majority of cases, bus accidents can happen that result in injury or death. Those in this situation should be entitled to some form of compensation to cover medical expenses and lost wages. When quality of life is disrupted due to negligence on the part of the bus driver or company, a passenger is entitled to compensation under California law. Yucaipa Bus Accident Lawyers can serve the company with a suit that addresses your need for reimbursement of medical and other costs.

Taking Responsibility

Public transportation companies may be at fault for injuries suffered while riding a bus, or being hit as a driver of another vehicle or as a pedestrian on the side of the road. They must take responsibility for violating common carrier law in the state to provide adequate “care and diligence” for passengers. Placing faith in Yucaipa Bus Accident Lawyers, injured passengers can get what they need to cover anything from medical bills and lost income to pain and suffering and punitive damages. Attorneys skilled in personal injury law know the intricacies of the legal process and how to go about filing a claim. Holding a bus company, manufacturer, driver, mechanic or inspector liable for their actions or lack thereof can translate to money that covers your losses.

Determining Fault

Fault must be determined before a personal injury claim can be filed. This could be on the part of the driver himself who was negligent behind the wheel, it could be the manufacturer who made a faulty component leading to the accident or it could be the mechanics who improperly repaired or failed to address problems with the bus. Other conditions factor in as well, such as the behavior of the other drivers on the road or bad weather. Yucaipa Bus Accident Lawyers can quickly and efficiently file a claim against the guilty party and have up to six months to do so after the accident. Being involved in a bus accident can be traumatic and overwhelming. Attempting to take on the insurance and bus companies can prove less than fruitful if not handled by a qualified attorney.

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