Alameda, California, is often touted as “one of the best places to live in America.” That is possibly because this city of more than 75,000 is said to have a small town feeling. It is located on Alameda and Bay Farm islands in the eastern part of San Francisco Bay across from the city of San Francisco. The Bay Farm part is not actually an island but is a piece of the mainland connecting to the Oakland International Airport. In Spanish, “alameda” means “a tree-lined avenue.”

Even cities that feel like small towns can have a big town headache – cars. Like any city in any state, at one time or other, the streets are crowded with automobiles and with people. Mostly that means everyone is getting to where they want to go. However, sometimes it also means accidents, and that means they aren’t going anywhere. It also means they may rely on an Alameda car accident lawyer for help.

Car Accident Records

Every year there are about six million auto accidents in the United States. Three million people are injured in them, and some 40,000 die. Accident reports are usually grouped into three categories:

* Negligence. Cited as the number one cause of auto accidents, negligence means that
the driver did not pay attention to traffic on the road or to road conditions.
* Misconduct. This charge, which often involves alcohol or speeding, may be called
reckless misconduct. The driver may be well aware that he or she is over the
speed limit, for instance, but chooses to ignore it.
* Product liability. The car, not the driver is at fault here, such as a defective
tire that blows. The manufacturer may be charged even though there was no
actual intent to harm.

Post-accident Steps

If you are involved in an auto accident in Alameda, get medical attention at once if there are injuries to yourself or to passengers. The next step should be a call to an Alameda car accident lawyer. A car accident in Alameda, as in almost any city in the country, can turn into a complex case. Let an experienced car accident lawyer go through the red tape and let you recover from injury or just the mental turmoil of the accident itself. You may be due compensation for injuries, lost wages, and the loss of or damage to your car.

Don’t add to the trauma of an accident by going through the post-accident period on your own. An Alameda car accident lawyer knows the steps to take, the papers to file, and the doors to open. We are here to help. If you are involved in any way in a car accident in Alameda, call us now.