Slips and falls happen all over the place in the busy world that we live in. However, a slip and fall can turn into a medical nightmare for someone who was badly injured or even disabled when they fell. Rather than assuming that they have no legal recourse, these victims need to remember that someone is responsible for the place where they slipped and must be called to account for the surface where the fall too place.

In every case, an attorney can offer a vigorous defense of the victim to ensure that the company or people who were charged with keeping areas safe for walking are asked why they did not do so for the victim.

The Place

In every case, the floor or sidewalk where someone has slipped and fallen belongs to a company, a city or a person. That person must be questioned and asked why the slip and fall took place. When cities do not clear ice from their sidewalks, businesses do not clean floors properly or when homeowners do not keep their properties clean, there is a reason to believe that negligence has occurred.

The Action

In these cases, a civil suit can be filed in Anaheim to recover damages and restitution from the people responsible for the slippery area. These damages are asked for by the accident attorney and can be rewarded by the court or offered in a settlement. The duty of an attorney who is representing a victim is to make sure that the victim gets everything they deserve to help them continue with their life.

In extreme cases, disability, paralysis and brain trauma can result for these slips and falls. The severity of the injuries and the manner in which they affect the person and their should be noted for the court. Without this information, it is impossible to judge what a fair settlement is and what is owed to the victim.

The Case

An attorney can help to file motions in court, represent the family or individual in court and investigate the claims themselves to ensure that every avenue is taken to get to the truth. Once an attorney has secured all the facts, they can take the case to trial or take a settlement out of court.

The goal is for the victim’s medical bills to be paid, their pain and suffering to be acknowledged and the people responsible to be held accountable for their actions and/or negligence.