Traffic in Buena Park can be quite busy at times. That’s one reason it’s so important for drivers to pay attention to where they’re going. Unfortunately, people walking or bike riding on the Buena Park roadways are sometimes the victims of pedestrian accidents. Inattentive drivers don’t make room for bikes in their travel lane or stop for people lawfully using the crosswalks. These types of accidents result in hundreds of injuries every year. If you were injured in a pedestrian accident, you could be due compensation.

Impacts and Injuries
Pedestrian accidents can harm those walking, riding bicycles or using other types of non-motorized transportation. Consider that the average motor vehicle weighs between 3,000 and 4,000 pounds. A collision between a moving vehicle and a pedestrian can result in severe injuries, even if the vehicle is moving only 25 miles per hour.

Compensation for Pedestrian Accidents
A police investigation may uncover moving violations and result in the driver receiving a ticket. If you’ve been hurt, that doesn’t mean that your medical bills and missed time from work will be covered by the motorist who hit you. It doesn’t even mean that the driver will accept responsibility for the incident. Hiring a personal injury lawyer who handles pedestrian accidents may be helpful whether the motorist received a traffic ticket or not. Your lawyer may uncover unknown details to secure compensation for your injuries and damages.

Distracted Driving Violations in Buena Park
Distracted drivers don’t always follow the rules of the road. Statistics show that motorists talking or texting on a hand-held device are four times more likely to be involved in an accident where they are injured. Driving while using hand-held cell phones and mobile devices is illegal in Buena Park. The legal system has a zero-tolerance policy for violators, but that isn’t enough to prevent accidents from happening. If you are injured due to the negligence of a driver who is talking on the phone or texting on a mobile device, you may need the services of Buena Park pedestrian accident lawyers.

Representing Injured Pedestrians
In California, people filing a personal injury lawsuit have just six months to do so from the date of the accident. It doesn’t matter if you’re still suffering from the effects of the incident or not. Some insurance companies may try to dissuade you from filing any type of claim until you are completely healed to ensure that you miss your window of opportunity to be fairly compensated. Buena Park pedestrian accident lawyers will fight for the rights of injured people. They can handle negotiations with insurance companies, defense lawyers and even individuals.

If you’ve been injured by a careless motorist, contact a Buena Park attorney today to help preserve your rights and secure the compensation you deserve.