Being hit with a motor vehicle as a pedestrian can not only cause injuries, but can be life threatening. Because drivers are often negligent behind the wheel, anyone who has been hit should contact an Inglewood pedestrian accident lawyer in order to ensure adequate compensation for potential medical bills, work leave and trauma suffered from the incident. In many cases, proving negligence is simple and can dramatically help one cope with the struggle of being struck with a motor vehicle.

<h2>Proving Driver Negligence</h2>

In order to receive compensation, one will have to prove negligence of the other driver. When a driver is negligent, it means that they behaved in a careless, thoughtless or distracted manner, causing the accident. There are several examples of this negligence in action, such as running a stop sign or texting while driving.. In fact, an estimated 4,000 pedestrians were struck and killed by negligent drivers in the past year.

There are several signs of a negligent driver which can affect a court case, some of the most common of these are:

<li>Not observing posted speed limits</li>
<li>Failing to yield to pedestrians at a crosswalk</li>
<li>Running a stop sign or red light</li>
<li>Driving while under the influence of alcohol</li>
<li>Driving while under the influence of narcotics</li>
<li>Texting or calling while driving</li>
<li>Driving without concern for hazardous road conditions</li>

By proving any one of these conditions, it is much easier to convict a driver of negligent driving. There are other factors that can prove that the driver was not operating his or her vehicle in a careful manner, such as following the driver ahead at too close of a distance, which may have indirectly led to the accident.

For those who have just been in an accident and are considering prosecuting, it can be a good idea to take the following steps in order to ensure a court victory. The first step is to contact witnesses that were at the scene, this can help provide solid evidence for one’s lawyer to work with. Additionally, at the scene of the crime, it is important to never admit guilt, as this can be used against one at a later time. Taking pictures, or having someone else take pictures, of the damages can be a huge benefit for those who have recently been injured.

<h2>The Importance of Having a Good Lawyer</h2>

By having a good attorney, one has a much better chance of receiving adequate compensation for their troubles. Anyone who has recently been in an accident of this kind should contact an Inglewood pedestrian accident lawyer to ensure maximum compensation and assistance.