It can feel good to do your part as a Pasadena resident to reduce congestion and pollution on California roadways by taking bus transportation whenever possible. Public buses, charter buses, school buses and tour buses can transport you from one location to another quickly and affordably. But if you are a passenger on any type of bus in the Pasadena area involved in an accident that causes you injuries, it can feel pretty bad, in addition to causing you a loss of time and expense that you didn’t anticipate.

Pasadena Bus Accident Lawyers are ready to help you to ensure that you aren’t victimized a second time by a bus company that refuses to provide you with adequate compensation for the injuries you receive in an accident. Because California law requires that any bus operator carry passengers with “care and diligence” to avoid harming their safety, smart bus passengers seek legal help from Pasadena Bus Accident Lawyers in the event a bus company demonstrates negligence in maintaining their vehicles or hires drivers not properly trained in driver safety.

Investigating Bus Company Negligence

Bus passengers who become accident victims can hire Pasadena Bus Accident Lawyers to investigate just how the bus company handles driver performance as well as vehicle maintenance. Our investigations can uncover whether or not a bus company allowed a driver to get behind the wheel with a history of poor driving performance that includes past accidents and moving violations.

Our investigators can also review just how carefully bus company management monitored the inspection and repair of its bus fleet. In some cases, bus companies try to save a few dollars by not making necessary repairs in a timely fashion, allowing malfunctioning buses to carry passengers throughout the Pasadena area, an action that ultimately results in mechanical failure and an accident causing injuries to the bus passengers.

Fighting for Passenger Rights

Pasadena bus passengers should never accept any settlement offer made by a bus company or insurance representative without consulting first with Pasadena Bus Accident Lawyers. If you, a family member or a friend was injured in a bus accident, you should be aware that California law gives you as long as six months after an accident to file a personal injury lawsuit. Bus operators and insurance companies may try to insist that their first offer is also their best and last offer, but their idea of fair compensation may leave you with mounds of mounting medical bills and no way to pay them off.

When you as an injured bus passenger receive representation by Pasadena Bus Accident Lawyers, you have peace of mind knowing that we work to obtain the best and fairest financial settlement to cover medical expenses, physical therapy, associated out of pocket expenses and loss of wages that occur following a bus accident.