Redondo Beach citizens give local businesses their patronage every day. These residents purchase items and goods, groceries and business supplies from local merchants. The people of Redondo Beach also utilize businesses’ services, medical and dental practices, and recreational activities daily. It is the duty of these businesses to create a safe and hazard free experience for all of their customers, doing their very best to avoid any type of slip and fall accident.
When a business fails to ensure this safe environment, whether willfully knowing of possible danger or hazard, or simply being negligent in preventing the hazard, these businesses become liable to the customer who is injured during a slip and fall accident. The injured customers have every right to hold such companies responsible and accountable, and Redondo Beach Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers are immediately available to help.

Redondo Beach Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers investigate the assorted types of slip and fall accidents that occur. One of the first items they research is the part the company played in the slip and fall incident. Companies and businesses have the duty to prevent hazards and dangers within and surrounding their business area. Thorough investigation into the safety of the area at the time of the slip and fall is completed, along with research into the history of said company concerning these type of accidents.

Other considerations involved in slip and fall investigations are the conditions of and maintenance performed on the customer areas of businesses and companies. Documentation of proper, routine and regular inspection and maintenance of these areas is researched. Knowing the potential hazards and dangers that may occur throughout the day in their business area is the responsibility of each owner. Failure to maintain safe areas, or failure to clean up and/or repair dangerous spots can be cause for restitution.

Patrons who attempt to hold businesses or companies responsible and accountable without legal advice may face bureaucracy from within the company itself or its insurance company. Often, knowing a patron is without legal advice or aid, these insurance companies may offer a settlement far beneath the true amount deserved. The Redondo Beach Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers are familiar with the deserved and fair amounts of compensation, and they know how to fight for and win them. Slip and fall accident victims may require ongoing medical care and/or physical therapy. In these cases, health care costs will continue to climb. A one-time settlement payment will not be able to adequately cover these costs. Redondo Beach Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers fight for the rights of their clients to recover the maximum compensation entitled to them by law.