Every day that we’re in businesses and homes we are exposed to hazardous conditions that could cause a slip and fall accident. If the home or business owner is negligent, San Bernardino slip and fall attorneys can help you recover losses from the incident. Negligent actions may be failure to post a sign when floors are wet or failure to clear a sidewalk or stairs in the snow. Slip and fall attorneys of San Bernandino will help to navigate the case and prove negligence.

Types of Slip and Fall Accidents

In a slip and fall accident, a person may damage tissue, break bones, and may even endure brain injuries. When people are injured from swimming pools, physical assaults, or cars from a parking lot, they need to know their rights. Slip and fall injuries may also occur because of uneven or poorly marked stairs. Broken glass and unmaintained landscaping are also reasons for slip and fall injuries. Poor lighting conditions may also cause slip and falls and should be reported as unsafe conditions if an injury occurs. In general, property owners can be held liable for any of these occurrences.

Investigate the Property Owner

The attorney is responsible for evaluating the property owner based upon his or her past behavior regarding the property in question. Has the property owner been diligent about keeping the property up to date or has the property owner been lazy about it? The more the attorney is able to find out about the property owner, the more substantial the evidence will be in court.

Investigate the Area

Part of an attorneys responsibility is to investigate the site and the claimants injuries to determine how the property owner was negligent. This may require copious pictures of the injury site and the injury. It may also require that a doctor’s testimony in court to verify that the injuries were sustained as a result of a slip and fall.

Choose an Attorney Who Can Handle All Premises Liability Cases

A slip and fall injury can occur in public parks, parking lots, restaurants, swimming pools, amusement parks, cruise ships, super markets, and private parks. Contact a lawyer as soon as the slip and fall injury occurs. You should also contact a physician. The best attorneys have been handling cases for a long period of time. This will help you get the settlement that you deserve to resume your life as quickly as possible.