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Pedestrian Car Accidents Lawyers

A report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) states that over 5,000 pedestrians die in traffic crashes every year. There are also 78,000 pedestrians injured in vehicle accidents. If you (the pedestrian) receive injuries in an accident with a car or truck, you may be able to get compensation. You will need to seek the services of the personal injury lawyers. They know the laws established to get your reimbursement for losses. Here are some details you need to know about car accidents involving pedestrians:

Establishing Negligence After Car Accidents Involving Pedestrians

Negligence means that a person was careless and did not look out for the safety of other people. During an accident with a car, a pedestrian received serious injuries. The pedestrian can sue the driver of the car for negligence. You need to talk to a personal injury lawyer. The attorney will be able to let you know if you can file a lawsuit. In order to establish negligence, the pedestrian must prove the following things about the driver:

• Owed a legal duty to protect the pedestrian from harm
• Did not fulfill the legal duty through careless or reckless actions
• Caused the accident
• Responsible for pedestrian’s injuries resulting from the accident

Factors Contributing to Driver Negligence

There are some factors that can lead to an accident between a pedestrian and the driver of a car. These factors can help determine if the pedestrian can sue the driver. You should call a personal injury attorney. The legal professional will give you further details about negligence. Here are some common factors contributing to driver negligence:

• Speeding over designated speeds
• Running red lights and stop signs
• Driving while texting
• Turning without using signals
• Intoxicated
• Driving in bad weather

Factors Contributing to Pedestrian Negligence

Sometimes the pedestrian can be at fault for an accident. If you are the driver of the vehicle, you need to talk to a personal injury attorney. The lawyer will give you more information on pedestrian negligence. There are some general factors that contribute to pedestrian negligence:

• Walks out to busy traffic
• Disregards walk signs at intersections
• Runs out in front of cars or trucks
• Does not use cross walks

Statutes of Limitations

The statutes of Limitations are the time clocks for how long you have to file a personal injury lawsuit. Each state has its own laws about statutes of limitations. In some states, the time limit may only be a year. Other states may allow more time to file your case. This is the reason you need to file your claim as soon as possible. The personal injury lawyers will help you understand the statutes of limitations for the State of New York.

Damages in a Car Accident Involving Pedestrians

Damages compensate the victim for injuries received during a car accident. You received serious injuries after an accident with a negligent driver. You have no income to pay the bills. Medical bills are piling up to the ceiling. You need to call a personal injury attorney to help you collect compensation for your losses. Here are some common damages for car accidents:

• Reimbursement for income
• Payment of medical expenses
• Pain and suffering
• Payment for losing enjoyment of life

Hiring the Personal Injury Attorneys

The personal injury attorneys will help you with your lawsuit. You will need to schedule a consultation with a personal injury lawyer. You should bring the following documents with you to the meeting:

• Police reports
• Copies of medical records
• Doctor and hospital bills
• Witness information
• Photographs
• Proof of wages
• Driver information
• Driver’s insurance information

There are thousands of car accidents involving pedestrians every year. You will need compensation for your income, medical expenses, pain and suffering, and other losses. A personal injury lawyer will help you with your personal injury case.

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