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Proving Cell Phone Liability for Auto Accidents in Arizona

We’ve all at least heard of a few horror stories of drivers who caused massive injuries in a car accident because they were texting and driving. Distracted driving statistics are even more revealing than those word of mouth horror stories. Cellphones DO cause car accidents and a driver who is texting or taking pictures while driving is intentionally putting other drivers on the road in great danger. If you’ve been the victim of a distracted driver who couldn’t wait to send that picture or text, then you’re not alone. Far too many people suffer injuries as a result of this type of irresponsibility.

There is both good news and bad news in this ever-changing area of law. First of all, Arizona’s distracted driving laws have grown stricter through the years, as they should. If you’re a driver, please do not use a cell phone while you operate a motor vehicle. You could cause serious injury or death to yourself or others. There’s no excuse for it. If you’ve been injured in such an accident, just know that you are protected by the law and you will be represented by this firm when someone violates these laws.

Proving Cell Phone Liability For Auto Accidents In Arizona

The first mission of any good personal injury lawyer is to obtain the cell phone records of the offending party so that they can begin to understand exactly what the distracted driver was doing at the time of the accident. Do do this, cell phone records will be needed and not just anyone can call up a cell phone company and ask for these records. In general, it has to be ordered that these records be released because they are a part of a criminal investigation. Keep in mind that distracted driving doesn’t just open a driver up to civil lawsuits. Such a driver has committed a crime as well, so this can make it easier to obtain records pertaining to the accident.

Our personal injury law firm goes to work for you from day one, obtaining the cell phone records of the party who harmed you in the accident. Nothing says gross negligence like a distracted driver. If you’ve lost wages, suffered physical and emotional harm, and continue to pay hefty medical bills because this person was using a cell phone while driving, we’re going to be able to get excellent results for you. These cases often have precise times on cell phone records, meaning that a judge can clearly see what the offending driver was doing at the time they injured you.

Insurance companies often don’t pursue these cases at all, so don’t expect to get ample compensation by working with insurance. And NEVER settle a case where the other driver was distracted. By doing so, you’re going to deprive yourself of perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation and be stuck with what could be a lifetime of medical bills due to someone else’s disregard for human life. We are tough on distracted drivers because there is never an excuse for driving under these conditions. The law in Arizona is very clear about distracted driving cases. Your injuries should not have occurred and we’re here to see to it that the driver who caused this injury pays for what they’ve done.

Pursuing fairness in these cases

Our goal is fairness. Sometimes distracted drivers even cause a case where one of your loved ones dies in the accident… all so they could send a picture to someone. Could the picture have waited? OF COURSE IT COULD HAVE! And that’s why we’re here to seek justice for you or your loved ones, however long it takes to pursue that justice. You’ll need to obtain cell phone records to prove that distracted driving took place. That’s the first thing we’ll do in your case.

From there, we will show exactly how negligent the distracted driver was in your case, how they took your life into their hands and permanently altered it for the worst. We’ll prove the negligent driver drove while using a cell phone, with a car in motion, and damaged your life forever. If you’re a victim of one of these cases, call us today.

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