Making an insurance claim is important when you get into a car accident. Before you can call your insurance to make the claim, there are a few things you need to do. You only have a limited amount of time to make the claim, so time is of the essence.

Report the Accident
The first thing you have to do is report the accident to the authorities. A simple call to 911 while you’re still at the scene will take care of a lot of different things. The first is that the authorities will know of the accident. When you make an insurance claim, the insurance company is likely going to ask you for the police report number. If you cannot provide this, they will ask why.

The police report will include details as to what happened. This includes identifying where the accident took place, information from all parties involved, as well as the names of any witnesses. All of this will be vital for the car insurance company to be able to conduct their own investigation. They will need to determine fault based on all of the information that has been provided.

Identify What Happened
When you make anĀ insurance claim, you will need to know what happened. It’s not enough to provide the police report number. Most insurance companies will want to get a statement from you. This means you have to detail where you were, what you were doing, and what happened. The clearer the picture you can paint, the better it will be when filing your claim.

If there were witnesses, you should provide their information, too. They will have to identify what happened as well. When you have yourself and several witnesses all saying the same thing, it will be easier to identify who was at fault. As soon as fault is established, then it’s easier to go after the person who was at fault for all of the expenses.

Remember, insurance needs to understand what happened. Once they can determine fault, it will move the claim process along faster.

Insurance Companies
There’s another important thing that you need to know about making a claim. Insurance companies are going to do their best to settle quickly. By settling quickly, they are focused on settling for the least amount of money possible. Insurance companies don’t want to spend a fortune to ensure that you have all that you deserve.

What this means for you is that you have to avoid taking any kind of settlement before you talk to a personal injury lawyer. If you take a settlement, then you might not be able to fight for anything else.

A lot can happen with a car accident. It might damage your car, cause medical bills to add up, and result in you losing time away from work. It’s possible to add a value to all of these different things. When you add them all up, it becomes the value of your claim.

When insurance is involved, the various forms of coverage take care of different areas. Your liability coverage will take care of property damage. Your medical bills coverage will take care of medical bills. However, there is a limit to everything. If you exceed one of these levels, insurance will stop paying for it. This means that the responsible party needs to step in and take care of it all.

Insurance companies are going to fight to avoid paying for anything more than absolutely necessary. However, when you involve a personal injury attorney, it’s possible to fight for more. You can often get more money in a financial settlement by suing the responsible party.

These are all important things you need to know about when you make an insurance claim. You have to be ready to share all of the details of the accident with the insurance company. Before you accept any kind of settlement, though, you need to work with a personal injury law firm so that you get what you actually deserve. It lengthens the process, but it’s often worth it when you can get more money to deal with what has happened.