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San Diego Motorcycle Hit and Run Lawyers

You were riding a motorcycle and a vehicle came out of nowhere and caused a preventable crash. You were thrown from the motorcycle and sustained serious injuries. Now, you are laid up in the hospital or at home, and you want someone to pay for the bills that are starting to add up. However, you are suffering from much pain and trying to survive from day to day. You are uncertain if you will ever be able to ride a motorcycle again, but you are also trying your best to follow the doctor’s orders. The legal matters and the unpaid medical bills are confusing to you, leaving many questions for which you and your family members do not have the answers. Meanwhile, you know better than to talk to the insurance companies, but you also realize that eventually you must make some tough decisions about your finances. You need legal advice as soon as you are able to competently talk to a personal injury lawyer and understand your rights under California state law.

There Are Winners and Losers in Every Motorcycle Accident
In a personal injury matter, there are winners and losers. The winners could be the defendants who get away with gross negligence, causing unnecessary pain and suffering and medical bills to another victim. However, if the motorcycle hit and run victim decides to take the defendants to court by filing a personal injury lawsuit, then there is the potential to become a winner. When you are hurt by a driver who leaves the scene of an accident, you deserve justice. While we cannot promise you any specific results, we urge you to seek justice against the defendants. Preparing your personal injury case will take time and may not help you to recover lost wages, medical bills, or damages for pain and suffering, but you will never know unless you try.

Where Do You Begin?
Well, the most important thing that you can do is sit down and look at the facts in the case. To bring a personal injury claim against the defendant, you will have the burden of proof. You must file a lawsuit within 2 years of the date of the motorcycle crash. You must also complete all treatment from your providers and collect medical records to show how your motorcycle hit and run injuries resulted from the crash. Meanwhile, the defendants may be represented by an insurance company defense litigation firm with many more resources than the law firm that you could hire on your behalf. The defense lawyers will stop at nothing to prove your injuries were not from the crash. The insurance company will try to settle your claim (if at all) for as little as possible. While you may think that you understand the extent of your medical bills now, it takes time to see ow you heal. You may have future medical expenses because of this senseless crash, sometimes for the rest of your life, and we must account for those at trial. We also want to estimate the value of the pain and suffering that the defendants caused to you and your family. This crash should not have occurred.

How It Works
Prospective clients often ask us how they can afford to hire a personal injury lawyer to file their lawsuit in a court of law. The filing fees are just the beginning of the costs in your case. We work on a contingency fee basis, which means that we assume all of the costs and do our legal work in hopes of making a recovery on your behalf. If we are successful at obtaining an insurance settlement or winning a jury verdict in this matter, then we are entitled to collect our percentage of the settlement or verdict. We are also entitled to deduct our legal expenses, which we must account carefully to you at any point throughout our handling of the case. You have the right to keep track of how these expenses are adding up throughout your case.

Finding Justice Does Not Happen Overnight
While you may be starting to heal from some of your preventable injuries, you have missed time from work and suffered much pain, grief, and loss of recreation. The defendants have changed your lifestyle through their negligence, and they must be brought to justice. Please understand that we are here to offer you a free consultation and advise you of your statute of limitations and legal rights as a personal injury client. Speaking with an attorney does not obligate you to become a client. It could take years to resolve this motorcycle crash with injuries matter, but you deserve to have the best legal representation working on behalf of you and your family. We are aggressive advocates for motorcycle hit and run victims, and we want you to get the most damages for your losses as possible under the law.

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