If you have been involved in an auto accident that resulted in personal injuries, the next step is to determine how to handle medical treatment and car repairs. Under California law, you or other occupants may be entitled to certain benefits, and you should seek the help of a Santa Monica car accident lawyer to outline and pursue such claims.

<b> Types and Causes of Automobile Accidents </b>
The most common causes for car accidents include:
<ul><li>Driver Distraction</li>
<li>Running Red Lights</li>
<li>Driving Through Stop Signs</li></ul>
The most common types of vehicle collisions include:
<ul><li>Hit and Runs</li>
<li>Rear End Collisions</li>
<li>Hits from Drivers Making Left Turns Without Right-of-Way</li></ul>
<b>When to Seek Help</b>
If you or another passenger sustain serious injuries, or even death, contact a reputable Santa Monica car accident lawyer as soon as possible. A personal injury attorney should be contacted before any insurance company adjuster or investigator. Doing so can prevent you from unknowingly providing information that will work against your case in the future.

Serious injuries can lead to sustained recovery times filled with intense medical rehabilitation. This medical treatment, coupled with absence from work, often causes sudden financial strain on those involved in the accident. This strain goes on to effect the injured party’s standard of living and that of his or her family. A personal injury lawyer will consider these factors when seeking compensation for the accident.

<b>Seeking Compensation</b>
The no-fault law in California can provide compensation for damage, medical expenses and time away from work in the event of a motor vehicle collision. There is no need to prove fault or negligence to claim these benefits.

When a victim chooses to file a lawsuit for pain and suffering, fault must be proven on the part of the other driver. Only experienced Santa Monica car accident lawyers can thoroughly investigate the case in order to provide a detailed cause for the accident. Never attempt to negotiate settlements or sign away rights to benefits without first discussing the case with a personal injury attorney.

When contacted immediately following the event, the attorney can send an investigator to the scene to take note of any factors involved in the accident. The investigator will photograph the area and any vehicles on site in addition to interviewing witnesses. In the event of serious injury or death, the attorney may hire a specialist to reconstruct the scene to show with whom the fault stands.

An auto accident suddenly presents many burdens to the injured occupant’s life. Thankfully, these burdens do not have to be dealt with alone. A Santa Monica car accident lawyer is the first source to turn to when handling the complex details of a collision case.