If you are looking for Yucaipa car accident lawyers, it may be because you were involved in an accident that was not your fault and you are seeking monetary compensation for damages and injuries. If the other party is refusing to pay, you could have to take them to court. This is less of a criminal case – seeing as how the police will already have issued a citation or a fine upon seeing the cause of the accident – and more of a civil case to see that you get the compensation that you deserve.

This money could be used for many different things. For example, you may want to sue because of damage to your vehicle that is not covered by insurance. If you were injured in the accident, you may be suing to cover the cost of your medical bills, or you may even been seeking compensation for pain and suffering. No matter what, the judge who presides over the case is going to want to see some evidence of what caused the accident to determine who was truly at fault and what they are responsible for. Understanding some of the common causes of accidents can help you see if you have a case.

1. Excessive speed.
Yucaipa car accident lawyers deal with many cases where excessive speed was the only reason that the car crashed in the first place. When drivers break the speed limit, they have less reaction time and they may even drive faster than conditions – such as fog – allow. The police can often determine their speed through a variety of different tactics, including looking at skid marks from the accident itself.

2. Driving under the influence.
Many accidents are caused every year by drivers who are under the influence of alcohol and drugs when operating a motor vehicle. Even for legal, controlled drugs – such as alcohol – this is strictly illegal. The authorities will often figure out at the scene if drugs were involved, or they will get the toxicology report to test for illegal drugs and prescription drugs.

3. Distracted driving.
Distracted driving is a rising cause for accidents, as many Yucaipa car accident lawyers have seen, and it is usually related to cell phone usage. Drivers will be talking on their phones, texting their friends or even using web browsers to go online, all while driving. Many studies have shown that this is at least as dangerous as drunk driving, if not more so.

Making Your Case
If you are interested in filing a case with the local courts, Yucaipa car accident lawyers can assist you. Contact them today, even if it has been weeks since the accident occurred.