Overview of Pedestrian-Accidents

Pedestrians are people who are on foot as they walk, run or jog on the sidewalk, road, street or other thoroughfare. In Yucaipa and across the state and nation, they might navigate uneven surfaces, such as trails, shoulders, paths or even near a rain-gutter. Pedestrians are subject to exposure to all types of weather and road conditions and could easily be the unintended victim of a traffic accident despite their best efforts to abide by the laws of the road. An out-of-control car, poor visibility, a drunk driver or other factor can result in life-altering injuries or even death in these types of situations. They are the ones most likely to be placed at risk when involved in an accident.

Statistics on Pedestrian-Accidents

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released data on pedestrian accidents and reported that 4,280 pedestrians lost their lives in wrecks in 2010 across the nation while 70,000 pedestrians suffered injuries. That averages out to one pedestrian accident every two hours and one injury every eight minutes. If they are in an accident, they are 1.5 times as likely as someone in a car to be killed. <Sup>1</sup>

Example of Yucaipa Pedestrian-Accident

In a recent case of a Yucaipa pedestrian-accident, a 23-year-old man lost his life on Jan. 12, 2014, at the juncture of the I-10 and I-215 highways, according to a California Highway Patrol Officer. A 25-year-old woman behind the wheel of an SUV plowed into the victim. Originally, authorities believed the responsible motorist fled the scene of the man’s death. However, CHP reported that the woman eventually turned herself to San Bernardino Police. After they spoke with her further, she was freed until they could complete their investigation and speak with the district attorney. <Sup>2</sup>

Representing Injured Pedestrians

Pedestrians might try to seek payment from the responsible party or an insurance company. However, they can face red tape, excessive phone calls, lengthy delays and other complications while their case continues to languish with no resolution. In other cases, the insurance company might offer them a settlement, but the pedestrian may not have any idea if the amount is fair. Yucaipa Pedestrian Accident Lawyers will be able to advise them further regarding compensation, especially if they need continued medical attention. A settlement might not take care of long-term financial needs. A lawyer will be able to help pedestrians who are accident victims to determine an appropriate amount to request from the responsible parties. Under California law, a pedestrian must file a personal injury lawsuit within six months after the injury. If you or a loved one has been injured in a pedestrian accident, call the Yucaipa Pedestrian Accident Lawyers so that you can be represented by a professional and obtain a favorable outcome in your case.